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How to fix the Nintendo Switch 2153-1540 error code

If you have gotten the 2153-1540 error code while using the Nintendo Switch, then it is not good news. While there is a temporary fix, it is best to eventually send it to Nintendo for repair if things don’t improve. This is especially true if you are still under warranty.

What is the Nintendo Switch 2153-1540 error code?

The 2153-1540 error means that there is something potentially wrong with the hardware side of the Nintendo Switch.

Potential Fix: Updating the Nintendo Switch Firmware

The Nintendo Switch 2153-1540 error code could be related to an older firmware of the system. So, if you haven’t been keeping your system up to date, make sure you first turn off your Switch complete by holding onto the power button for at least 12 seconds. If you can get your system to properly to the home menu screen, head to “System Settings” and then scroll down to “System Update” to begin the process of downloading and installing the latest firmware available.

After installing the latest firmware, continue to monitor your Switch to see if the 2153-1540 error code comes back. If it does at all, then we highly recommend contacting Nintendo Support with this link.