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Top five of the best Xbox One JRPG releases to look forward to in 2015 and beyond

It is no secret that the Xbox One is not doing too well from a hardware sales standpoint in Japan. With that said, there are a few Japanese developed role-playing games that are in development for the platform. So what are the best Xbox One JRPG releases that you should look forward to in 2015 and beyond? Check out our top five list below to find out.

5. Phantom Dust

While it may not be seen as your typical JRPG, Microsoft certainly believes that the re-imagination of Phantom Dust falls into that genre of gaming. The original release is set in a post-apocalyptic where you battle enemies in arenas using the power of cards. Before every battle, you can customize your deck of cards with abilities and attacks. Although not much is known about the new release, Microsoft did announce that it will feature a 30 hour single player campaign.

More details should be revealed for Phantom Dust later this year.

4. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Despite being a big release on the PSP, the original version of Final Fantasy Type-0 was never released outside of Japan. Thankfully, Square Enix decided to develop and localize a remastered port for the Xbox One. Gamers can expect a real-time combat system where you can freely swap between a set of characters that have their own special abilities. The game is also the first mature-rated installment for the franchise, which should lead to some scenarios that you don’t normally expect to see in a Final Fantasy game.

You can preorder Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which is releasing on the 17th of March, with this page on Amazon.Final_Fantasy_Type-0_HD_03

3. Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin

Dark Souls 2 only came out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early 2014 although the Xbox One has already been available for several months before the original release was launched. Fortunately, the critically-acclaimed sequel will be making its way to Microsoft’s current-gen console in 2015 with improvements being made to the graphics and gameplay (such as increasing the maximum amount of players to six in multiplayer). Not to mention that all three of the DLC campaigns are included in the package as well.

Reserve Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, coming out on the 7th of April here.Dark-Souls-2-Scholar-of-the-First-Sin-HighSpec-Brightstone_Cove_Tseldora

2. Kingdom Hearts 3

The Kingdom Hearts has appeared on plenty of platforms expect for Xbox consoles. That is, until Kingdom Hearts 3 is released on the Xbox One. The sequel promises to end the epic storyline that has spanned the previous installments. The combat should also be deeper with the ability to transform your Keybalde weapon into other forms in addition to being able to summon theme park rides. Of course, you can also expect plenty of cameos from the Final Fantasy series in addition to the popular Disney movies.

No release date has been announced so far for Kingdom Hearts 3, which can be reserved with this link.kingdom-hearts-3

1. Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV wasn’t originally planned as a mainline entry for the franchise as it was first announced as a spin-off called Final Fantasy Versus XIII. However, the development took so long that Square Enix decided to do a rebranding when the JRPG was re-introduced for the Xbox One. The latest game from the series is making several significant changes with a huge open-world setting (complete with a day-night cycle) in addition to an action-packed and cinematic combat system. After the disappointment of Final Fantasy XIII, XV looks like it may be a return to form in terms of quality for the legendary franchise.

Final Fantasy XV also does not have a release date. You can still preorder the newest mainline Final Fantasy with this page.Final-Fantasy-XV_jump-festa-06As you can see above, there are more than enough Xbox One JRPG releases coming up to keep hardcore fans of the genre satisfy for a long time.