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PC port of Final Fantasy VII on PS4 includes cheats that won’t affect earning trophies

The recently-released PC port of Final Fantasy VII include some cheat codes. By using the L3 button, you will be able to triple the speed of the game. With the R3 button, you can also gain battle boosts, which will instant bring your HP, MP and Limit Gauge to max. Last but not least, you can disable random encounters as well by pressing both the L3 and R3 buttons at the same time. You can find the DualShock 4 controller layout for the role-playing game below this paragraph.FINAL FANTASY VII_20151206114247As you can see, Square Enix also decided to swap the functionalities of the Circle and Cross buttons when compared to the original PS1 version. You can check out what the cheats look when activated during gameplay below this paragraph.FINAL FANTASY VII_20151206114557One last interesting note is that using cheats won’t affect your ability to earn trophies. So defeating the Weapons and other difficult tasks won’t be too much of a hassle if you want to acquire certain trophies for your collection without wanting to do all the extra work.

The PC port of Final Fantasy VII is out right now on the PlayStation Store. Customers who purchased the downloadable title will also receive a special PS4 menu theme.