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How to fix the multiplayer lag, disconnects and other connection errors in Splatoon

splatoon-nintendo-direct-34Splatoon is the latest multiplayer phenomena on the Nintendo Wii U, following the likes of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Unfortunately, some players are experiencing issues when it comes to playing online. If you are having problems, you can check out our guide below to fix the multiplayer lags, disconnects and other connection errors in Nintendo’s latest game.

Download Speed

Before you get started, we suggest that you should try to determine the root of the problem. Nintendo recommends that your download speed should be at least 1.5Mbps if you are planning to play Splatoon online without any connection issues. You can test your connection speed on Speedtest.net.

Wireless Connection

Another potential problem could be your wireless connection. The signal could be weakened depending on the location of your router and Wii U. If you want the best possible result, you can to move the console as close to your router as possible or vice versa so that there won’t be any walls, metals and/or electrical devices weakening the connection.

In terms of surprised wireless routers, the Wii U is compatible with the 2.4GHz ones with the following modes: 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n. It also supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 for password security. If your router doesn’t measure up, you can upgrade with a new one. You can find some 2.4GHz routers on Amazon with this link.

Wired Connection

If you are still getting lag, disconnects and other connection errors with Wi-Fi, then you may want to try a wired connection. This is because a wired Ethernet connection is faster and more consistent when compared to wireless.

Although the Wii U does not have any Ethernet ports, you can use an adapter. The good news is that these products aren’t too expensive and can be used on other devices aside from the videogame system. You can check out our recommended Wii U Ethernet LAN Adapters on Amazon below:

Additional Help

If you are still having issues after trying out all of the above methods, you should contact the Nintendo Support here. If the game gives you a specific error code, you can also look up potential fixes for these specific issues with this page.

Why the Internet is Important in Splatoon

While you can play Splatoon offline, you will be missing out on a lot of content. Although the game does have a campaign and local versus mode, the main selling point of the Wii U exclusive is the online multiplayer. In the main modes, the objective is to cover as many turfs using your team’s ink as possible before the timer runs out. You can hinder the enemy’s progress by defeating them using weapons that also double as ink dispensers.

Nintendo has already announced extensive plans to add new maps, modes and other DLC to Splatoon. So, if you decide to play the game offline, you will be missing out on a lot of free content.splatoon-nintendo-direct-36Splatoon was released on the 29th of May in North America. The game has gotten great review scores and should get even better as Nintendo continues to update it with new content in the coming months. To get the most of your experience, you will need to have the most optimal Internet connection. So, if you are having issues playing online, you should check out the tips and products we mentioned above.