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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 2.0 tour missions guide

Square Enix recently released the 2.0 patch for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae. The title update added several new features, including tour missions designed to dive deeper into Noctis’ relationships with Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. Below, you can find our guide to unlocking and completing these new side quests in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 2.0.

Unlocking Tour Missions

Tour Missions are unlocked by resting at campgrounds. In the Final Fantasy XV updated demo, you can rest at four havens: Ausace Haven, Digythe Haven, Killiam Haven and Pullmoor Haven. A small cut scene will play, which is followed by one of your party members asking you to go on a tour mission. If you decided to take on the mission, the party will be reduced to two: Noctis and the quest giver.

Completing these side quests will give you a big boost in experience points in addition to providing more insight on the characters.FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150613160920

It Takes Two

The first Tour Mission is called “It Takes Two.” This is designed to show off the new Cross Chains feature added to Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 2.0. After accepting the side quest, head to the abandoned shack highlighted by the destination mark. From there, you will learn how to pull off a Cross Chain attack with Gladiolus.FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150613161438To perform the maneuver, attack an enemy until it gets knocked down in an “Off-Guard” state. If an ally (in this case, Gladiolus) is nearby, you should seed a yellow glow on the ground. Quickly run over to that area and press the Triangle button to initiate the Cross Chain.FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150613164229Doing so will bring a rhythm section where you have to press the Square button at the right time to continue the chain attack with Link Strikes. The game will tell you when to push Square. If you press the button too early or too late, you and the participating party member will fail the chain attack and will be temporarily stunned.

If you did it right, you have to do the same sequence again until you get to the point where you can end the chain with a final strike (in this case, the Crossbones) with the Triangle button.

After you perform your first successful Cross Chain, you will be asked to do another one. This time, you have to keep your Link Strikes going until you can power up and perform the Crossbones II. After completing the “It Takes Two” Tour Mission and obtaining 5,000 EXP, you can quick travel to your last save point in order to get your full party back.FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150613165328

A Duscaen Delicacy

The second Tour Mission is called “A Duscaen Delicacy.” This time, you have to accompany Prompto as he gathers mushrooms. After accepting the missions, head to the destination mark. Once you get there, you will be prompted to search for three locations. Use the in-game map and destination mark to quickly find these areas to complete the first part of the quest.FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150613170809Afterwards, you will be prompted to head to the Lakeside for another gathering point. Doing so will trigger one of the Catoblepas giants to chase after you. Follow the destination mark to hide behind the rock to complete the mission (earning 5,000 EXP in the process) and quick travel to your last campsite to get your full party back together.FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150613172536


The third Tour Mission you could get is “Alstoronomy” as you get to tag with Ignis. Compare to the others, this side quest is pretty simple as you only have to arrive at the destination point on the map and wait until it is night time. After you are done, you will get 5,000 easy experience points.FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150613172655The “Alstoronomy” mission also leads to another optional quest called “Co-Stars.” After completing that Tour Mission, return to same star-gazing location with your full party (the quest will pop up once you get close to the destination) to get a new cut scene and earn an additional 1,000 XP.FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150613175820FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150613182519

Going for Brooch

The final Tour Mission in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 2.0, called “Going for Brooch,” is a bit trickier to trigger when compared to the previous three. We were able to unlock it after defeating Behemoth for the first time and then clearing out the remainder of the “A Behemoth Undertaking” mission (you are only required to seek out four of the six clues left behind by the monster, so make sure you check out all six if you have a hard time trying to trigger “Going for Brooch”). Make sure you load back into your existing save file when you are replaying the demo again after beating it instead of starting a new game.FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150613203050As for the Tour Mission itself, you will have to venture into Mistwood with Gladiolus. Follow the destination marks from the south entrance of the secluded area until you are separated from your ally. From there, follow the new destination mark to find the brooch.

Doing so will trigger an army of Saberclaws. Quickly run to the updated destination indicator to reunite with Gladiolus and defeat all the enemies in the area. Afterwards, you will earn 5,000 experience points. Warp back to your rest point to officially end the side quest and make your party full once again.FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150613205635While the tour missions are entirely optional in the 2.0 patched version of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, these new side quests are still worth partaking if you want to learn more about the characters in the JRPG. With the release date for the final game nowhere in sight, you might as well check out all the missions, as well as other new content, from the title update of the demo.