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Best new gaming IPs of 2015

While some big sequels (like Halo 5: Guardians, The Legend of Zelda Wii U and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End) are coming out in 2015, there are also a few new IPs that will be released this year as well. So which of these new experiences should you try out? Find out with our latest top five list below.

5. Rime

While Team Ico fans are still waiting for The Last Guardian, which is still in development limbo, there is another game that may fill its gap. Rime is an open-world adventure game where you get to explore mysterious islands and solve puzzles. In addition to the unique visual style (which is quite similar to The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker) it is also quite similar to the classic Ico game in terms of simple but immersive gameplay.

Rime is expected to come out sometime later this year as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.rime_ps4_2

4. Splatoon

Nintendo normally relies heavily on Mario and Zelda. So it’s pretty special if the company decide on invest on a new IP. Their latest franchise is Splatoon, a multiplayer-focused, team-based shooter with some unique twists as you can transform into human and squid forms. As a human, you can squirt paint all over the environment, which makes traversing much master, especially when you become a squid. This element alone should lead to many exciting scenarios when fighting against the other side.

Splatoon is slated for a May release exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U. Preorder it right now via this page on Amazon.splatoon-nintendo-direct-14

3. Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a new IP from Remedy Entertainment, the same company responsible for Max Payne and Alan Wake, two acclaimed cinematic gaming franchises. Their latest project promises to mix live-action videos with time-manipulating game. So far, it definitely looks like a nice breath of fresh air, especially when compared to other third-person shooters. With great visuals to boot, there is definitely a lot of potential to, hopefully, have multiple installments in the new IP.

Quantum Break is expected to come out later in 2015. Preorder the new Remedy Entertainment game here.quantum-break-xbox-one

2. The Order: 1886

After working on the Jak and God of War spin-off games, Ready at Dawn decided to create their own IP. The Order: 1886 is set in a steam punk version of the Victorian era. Along with battling normal humans, you and your squad will also be taking on werewolf-like creatures. It also helps that the videogame has some of the best graphics ever for a console game. Due to its unique setting, there should be plenty of materials to work with for multiple installments if the first game ended up being a hit.

The Order: 1886 releases on the 20th of February. Reserve the Ready at Dawn game with this link.CRE0189_The_Order_1886_PSX_Assets_Airship_192_F2027_1417689630

1. Bloodborne

After the critically claimed Dark Souls/Demon’s Souls IP, From Software branched off to partner with Sony again to develop Bloodborne. While the new intellectual property shares many of the same elements as the previous installments, there are some improvements as well like faster combat that reward more aggressive players. The co-op has also been improved as there is a new randomly-generated dungeon that is different in each player’s game to explore along with the more traditional areas. Based on what was shown so far, it definitely looks like both From Software and Sony has a big hit newI P on their hands.

Preorder Bloodborne, which is launching on the 17th of March, with this page.bloodborneAlong with sequels and reboots (like Ratchet & Clank and Star Wars Battlefront), the new IPs mentioned above should make 2015 quite an expensive year, but also enjoyable, for gamers.