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Bioware’s Neil Thompson talks Dragon Age Inquisition multiplayer and trying to follow Mass Effect 3

dragon_age_inquisitionNeil Thompson was featured in a live stream of the Eurogamer Expo where he answered some questions about Dragon Age Inquisition. When asked if the upcoming game will have the same multiplayer weekend support as Mass Effect 3, he confessed that the team has not yet thought about it. Even so, he thinks that they can still plan for it and the feature would be a good idea.

Neil Thompson also discussed having to follow Mass Effect 3. A lot of the same guys that developed that previous project are also part of the team for Dragon Age Inquisition. While he believed both are fantastic franchises, he admitted that it is also daunting trying to follow an immensely successful release like Mass Effect 3. Even with the high expectations, Bioware still thinks that Dragon Age Inquisition is a worthy successor to their prior game.

Mass Effect 3 came out on the 6th of March. Bioware is also developing another new game for the franchise even though it won’t be a direct sequel.

Dragon Age Inquisition is launching on the 18th of November. The sequel is available on the following platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. If you have not done so already, go ahead and preorder the RPG right now on Amazon with this link.