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KontrolFreek FPS Ultra: Dual Shock 4 analog stick cover review

KontrolFreek FPS UltraAs good as the Dual Shock 4 is, the controller seems to have a reoccurring problem with the rubber cover of its analog sticks wearing out. This is a big issue considering that the left and right analogs are the most used buttons. Instead of exchanging the worn out Playstation 4 controller for a new one, a lot of gamers are buying new covers for the stick instead. One of the most popular purchase options is the KontrolFreek FPS Ultra.


Installing the product is easy since the two cover snaps on top of the Dual Shock 4 analog sticks. Simply push down far enough so that the three bottom legs secures themselves on the analogs. It is also easy to take off, which may actually be a detriment considering that the covers could fly off if you end up putting a lot of pressure during intensive sessions. This happens rarely, if at all, and only if you decided to use excessive force when controlling a video game.


The KontrolFreek FPS Ultra sits on top of the original analog sticks, adding a few centimeters of extra height. The user may have to take some time to adjust to the new thumb position. The length of adjustment varies depending on how much you have used the Dual Shock 4 before adding the attachments. Once you get use to higher analog positions, the controller should feel quiet natural.

Gameplay Enhancements

The covers really do change the feel of the analogs. The most noticeable difference is how your thumbs rest on top of the two sticks. The Dual Shock 4 features a concave design with an outer ring. Although the design is a big improvement over the Dual Shock 3, it is not completely slip-proof, especially if you have big thumbs.

The FPS Ultra covers are designed with a convex similar to the analogs of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers. Additionally, a few dots are placed in the inner and out areas of the analog, working in conjunction to provide a better grip for the gamer. Overall, the feel is much better than the standard nubs.

KontrolFreek claims that the product can result in an increase of range of motion by 40%. While it may be hard to tell whether or not the assertion is true, you do feel like you have more control over the action on-screen. This is more evident when playing a first or third person shooter where aiming with the right analog stick is essential. A single slight movement is often the difference between life and death when playing online matches. You can also set the sensitivity much higher to create somewhat of a competitive advantage over others.

Final Verdict

The KontrolFreek FPS Ultra is an excellent product with no real flaws. If your Dual Shock 4 analogs are worn out, then buying the new covers should be a no brainer. Even if you have perfectly working analogs on the PS4 controller, the product will help improve your performances in online games like Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts.

KontrolFreek also has two alternatives with the CQC Signature and Freek Vortex. The FPS Ultra is the best of the group as the other ones are designed with grips that cater more towards aesthetics instead of functionality. With that said, the products are cheap enough, especially when it is discounted, that you can try out all three to see what fits your needs the best.