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Is the PC port of Final Fantasy VII worth playing on PS4?

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most influential games ever released. Along with the upcoming complete remake, Square Enix also decided to port the PC version of the original to the PlayStation 4. So is the PC port of Final Fantasy VII worth playing on PS4? You can find out in our review of the downloadable game below.

Original Game

The original game change set the benchmark, for its time, when it comes to presentation. Although it may not be impressive for new players who will be playing for the first time, Final Fantasy VII still have plenty of charm thanks to the memorable story (even with the bad translation), iconic characters and unforgettable scenarios.

The gameplay has also held up pretty well over the years. With the Materia system, you can equip spells, summons and other boosts to a particular character. As you can link different Materias together, you will be able to customize the characters with some unique combinations, adding plenty of depth to the combat.Final_Fantasy_VII_SCREENSHOT4If you are a fan of the role-playing game genre, then Final Fantasy VII is a definite must play.


So what are the new addition for those who already played the original game on the PS1? For one, the graphics have been upgraded as the 3D models look much sharper in the PlayStation 4 version. With that said, the improvements do result in less consistency in the visuals as the character models stick out more when compared to the blurry pre-rendered backgrounds. Some of the textures in battle can also look off as well.Final Fantasy 7_SCREENSHOT3


Being an old-school JRPG, Final Fantasy VII has random encounters, which may annoy players who are new to the genre. Fortunately, Square Enix added some cheats to the PS4 version as gamers are able to activate 3X speed with L3, max HP/MP/Limit via R3 as well as no random encounters by pressing both the L3 and R3 buttons simultaneously. Interestingly enough, using these cheats won’t disable the ability to earn trophies.FINAL FANTASY VII_20151206114247So the option is there if you don’t feel like grinding to level up to beat difficult bosses and/or just want to experience the story.


Another new addition in the PlayStation 4 version is the addition of trophies. Players will be able to earn these system-level unlockables by going through the story and accomplishing certain tasks (like going on a date with Barret at Gold Saucer). If you are into trophies, then the PC port on Sony’s current-gen console is worth the price of admission.

Music Glitches

One major downside to the port is the musical glitches. Currently, the background music that is played during exploration will loop back to the beginning, instead of where it was left off, after entering and leaving battle. This glitch is especially noticeable on the world map.

Hopefully, Square Enix will release a patch to fix the music glitches in the future. The company already did the same with the PS4 version of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster, which also suffered from the same music loop glitch.


If you have never played Final Fantasy VII before, then the PC port of the game on PlayStation 4 is definitely worth buying. Even if you have played the classic JRPG in the past, the new extras (improved graphics, cheats and trophy support) should entice you to replay the videogame with a new coat of paint.