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Track listing for the soundtrack included in Corpse Party: Blood Drive Everafter Edition

Corpse Party Blood Drive Everafter Edition two CD SoundtrackThe track listing has been revealed for the soundtrack being included in the upcoming Corpse Party: Blood Drive Everafter Edition. If you are interested, you can preorder the physical release form Amazon with this link.

The first disc features music from the first Corpse Party game as well as the second installment, Book of Shadows. You can check out the listing below (the GV acronym stands for Game Version):

Disc 1
Music from Corpse Party:
1. Shangri-La (GV)
2. Chapter One
3. Underground Maze
4. The Nightmare of the School Years
5. Comfort
6. School Fun
7. Certain Death
8. Moment in Time
9. When Time Stops
10. Unsolved Mystery
11. Hopelessness
12. Chapter One (Another Version)
13. Catastrophe Drenched in Darkness (GV)
14. A Prayer for Confutatis (GV)

Music from Corpse Party: Book of Shadows:
15. Corpse Party
16. Remains
17. Where the Flowers Bloom (GV)
18. The Everyday
19. Fun Times
20. Good Friends
21. Cold Tears
22. Deciding One’s Destiny
23. Depths of Space and Time
24. The Dreadful Dark
25. Unavoidable Tragedy
26. Despair
27. Struggling Against Fate
28. The Onset of Demise
29. Escaping Samsara
30. Torture
31. A Haunted Room
32. Revolving Door Brass
33. Breaking the Curse
34. Unrest
35. Indeterminate Form
36 Dead End
37. Pandora Night (GV)
38. Game Over

The second disc of the Corpse Party: Blood Drive Everafter Edition soundtrack comes with 37 music tracks from the third installment of the series along with one bonus track. Take a look at its song list below:

Disc 2
Music from Corpse Party: Blood Drive
1. Corpse Party (BD Version)
2. The Stillness of Reality
3. In the Rain (GV)
4. Condemned Apartments
5. Item Acquisition
6. Return to Heavenly Host
7. Broken Memory
8. Suspicious Conduct
9. An Absurd World
10. Everafter Stones
11. Fruit of Insanity
12. Yagoura Society
13. Jingle
14. A Decaying World
15. Pillars of the Six Demons
16. A Different World
17. The Mad Clock
18. No Progress
19. Desperate Situation
20. Last Wish
21. When We Were Merry
22. Nirvana
23. Incarnation (GV)
24. Pillars of the Six Demons (Choral Version)
25. Light and Shadow
26. Clearing Skies
27. Spirit of my Heart
28. Strange Proposal
29. Beyond Escape
30. Flash of Light
31. Salvation
32. Lying Dormant
33. Pillar
34. Blue-Eyed Girl
35. Blood Drive
36. Translucent Days (GV)
37. Game Over (BD Version)

Bonus Track
38. Shangri-La (Piano Ballad Version)

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Everafter Edition will be released for the Vita handheld system on Oct. 13.