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Star Fox Zero Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide released

Star Fox Zero Collector’s Edition Strategy GuideAlong with the videogame, the Star Fox Zero Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide has been released in the North American region. If you are interested, you can purchase the official game guide for the latest Star Fox title with this link from the shopping website.

If you have not read our previous story, the Prima Games guide will help readers when it comes to controlling the Arwing, Gyrowing and Landmaster so that they will be able to outmaneuver and defeat the enemies (including bosses). It will provide a complete walkthrough of the story missions and optional paths while the detailed maps will help you find all the collectibles (including secrets) and plan ahead of skirmishes. A free eGuide version of the book is also included if you would rather use your smart phone and/or tablet instead of flipping through the book.

Furthermore, the Star Fox Zero Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide comes with an exclusive double-sided poster that measures at 35 inches by 22.5 inches. This game guide bundle is only being printed once.

Star Fox Zero is the latest mainline release of the popular Nintendo franchise. Physical copies of the game is bundled with Star Fox Guard, a tower defense spin-off title, in North America.