PS4 download size revealed for Agents of Mayhem

The download size has been revealed for the PlayStation 4 version of Agents of Mayhem. When viewed directly on the system, the product page of the PlayStation Store shows that the new intellectual property will take up a sizeable 35.05 GB of free space on the hard disk drive of the home console.

Agents of Mayhem is being developed by Deep Silver Volition, previously known simply as Volition. The studio is most notorious for the Freespace, Summoner, Red Faction and Saints Row videogames. If you are interested, the physical version of the action game is available for preorder with this link on Amazon.

In the upcoming title, players are tasked with building a squad of three characters from twelve unique mayhem agents. The gadgets, skills, vehicles and weapons of these playable individuals can be customized and upgraded. It will also feature the same type of humor you find in the aforementioned Saints Row franchise.

Agents of Mayhem, which is being published by Deep Silver, will be released on the 15th of August for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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