Photos, release date and other info for PDP Afterglow Nur PS4 and PS3 gaming headset

New info and photos are available for the PDP Afterglow Nur. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 gaming headset uses the same Afterglow lighting tech found in the PDP branded controllers. Check out its current price right now on Amazon – PDP Afterglow Nur Black and PDP Afterglow Nur White. The photos of the black and white versions of the headset is located below this paragraph.

PDP Afterglow Nur comes with a split cushion headband to alleviate pressure on the top of your head. Other features include a boom-less microphone, bass and clarity audio modes customization along with an audio cue to indicate the battery level and audio settings.

For recharging purposes, the gaming headset has a conductive charging stand for you to hang the accessory. The stand can be put on a flat surface or on a wall. Alternatively, there is also a plug and play solution if you want to keep playing instead of waiting for the headset to recharge.

PDP Afterglow Nur is available on the 16th of October in the United States.

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