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Officially-licensed Hori Turbo Battle Pad for Wii U Pikachu Version gets U.S. release date

The Pikachu version of the officially-licensed Hori Turbo Battle Pad has gotten a release date in the United States. The product is going to come out next year on the 2nd of March. You can preorder the gamepad right now with this page on Amazon. A photo of the controller has also been placed below this paragraph.

As you can see, the Pikachu version is the same as the Mario and Luigi pads that came out alongside the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. This time, however, it uses the yellow color scheme and features an artwork of everyone’s favorite Pokemon.

For the uninformed, the Turbo Battle Pad for Wii U has a similar shape to the original Nintendo GameCube controller. Hori did made some adjustments by making the d-pad larger, using short-stroke L and R buttons in addition to having three different turbo settings.

The third-party controller can be used for games that support the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro. On the other hand, it must be attached to the Wii Remote or Remote Plus in order to connect to the Wii U.

The general consensus has been quite positive for the Mario and Luigi versions. So the Pikachu Version of the Hori Turbo Battle Pad should be another solid product as well.