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Official Hyrule Warriors strategy guide gets special cover and other goodies

Ganondorf in Hyrule WarriorsAmazon has a glimpse of the Hyrule Warriors: Prima Official Game Guide. The hardcover book is graced with a beautiful artwork of Link and the other cast of characters. Find the image of the cover and the price of the product right now on Amazon.

Inside the Hyrule Warriors: Prima Official Game Guide, gamers are going to find out how to unlock each playable character. The 288-page book also has info on the battle tactics to help you prepare before the start of every battle. The materials from the guide are made with collectability in mind with high-quality paper and special treatment added to the cover art. If you find handling the physical copy cumbersome, a free eGuide is also included.

Hyrule Warriors: Prima Official Game Guide is releasing on the 26th of September. On the same day, Hyrule Warriors is hitting the Wii U. Aside from everyone’s favorite hero, Link, gamers can play as Agitha, Darunia, Fi, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, Impa, Lana, Midna, Ruto, Sheik, Zant and Zelda. If you haven’t already, preorder the videogame right now on Amazon. Hyrule Warriors is developed at Omega Force, a.k.a. the developer of Dynasty Warriors and many other videogames from the same genre, under supervision of Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma.