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New Pokemon Sun and Moon character artwork feature Zygarde and more

Nintendo has released more character artwork for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. You can check out the new images for the latest mainline releases of the popular handheld role-playing series with our media gallery located just underneath this paragraph.

As you can see above, the new artwork shows off the 10 percent, 50 percent and Complete Formes of Zygarde. The 50 percent version of the pocket monster first appeared on Pokemon X and Pokemon Y while the other iterations are completely new to the series. Also featured in the new images are Bruxish (Water/Psychic), Charjabug (Bug/Electric), Cutiefly (Bug/Fairy), Drampa (Normal/Dragon), Komala (Normal), Rockruff (Rock), Tapu Koko (Electric/Fairy), Togedemaru (Electric/Steel) and Vikavolt (Bug/Electric).

Nintendo decided to skip 2015 when it comes to releasing new Pokemon mainline games. Instead, the next main entries are launching later this year on the 18th of November in the North American region. If you are interested and haven’t done so already, you can preorder the two latest titles from the series with the following links on Amazon: Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

The upcoming titles, which are being developed by Game Freak (the same studio behind the other installments), take place in Alola, a region based on Hawaii.