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New J-Stars Victory Vs+ details: character hints, scenarios, battles and arcade mode

J-Stars-Victory-VS-Plus-11New details are now available for the western release of J-Stars Victory Vs+, thanks to a preorder page (which you can check out with this link) from Amazon. Much has been made about how the licensing of the videogame could affect its roster of playable characters. According to the listing, the fighting game is going to have “a huge choice of characters coming from the most famous mangas/animes issued in the Jump Magazine.”

The characters will get to duke it out in a world with four unique scenarios. Among the locations confirmed so far are Alabasta from One Piece, Hidden Leaf Village from Naruto and Planet Namek from Dragon Ball. In terms of gameplay, you will have the opportunity to partake in two versus two team battles with each fighter having the same unique abilities and attacks from the original source materials.

Last but not least, an arcade mode has been added to J-Stars Victory Vs+. It should be similar to other fighting games in which you have to defeat opponents in consecutive battles until you get to the end.

In addition to the PlayStation 4, the same videogame is also being released for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. It is expected to launch during the summer time of next year in the United States.