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Mass Effect Andromeda Original Game Soundtrack now available on Amazon

Amazon has put up a listing for the original game soundtrack of Mass Effect Andromeda. Customers will be able to purchase each song separately, buy the album as a whole or listen to all the tracks via Amazon Music Unlimited. You can check out the soundtrack with this link from the online retailer. You can also take a look at the cover of the OST for the latest Mass Effect videogame with the image located directly below this paragraph.
The songs of the album were composed by John Paesano. You can check out the full track listing for the Mass Effect Andromeda Original Game Soundtrack below:

  1. A Better Beginning
  2. Memories
  3. Exaltation
  4. A Trail of Hope
  5. Khi Tasira
  6. Neutron Purge
  7. Voeld
  8. Hunting the Archon
  9. No More Mercy
  10. Undiscovered
  11. Vault
  12. Resistance
  13. Outlaw
  14. Remnant
  15. Jaardan
  16. First Contact Protocol
  17. Exiled
  18. Heleus

Mass Effect Andromeda came out on the 21st of March in the North American region for the PlayStation 4 (with support for the PS4 Pro, which offers various graphical enhancements), Xbox One and PC platforms. Gamers will be able to play as either Sara or Scott Ryder while exploring the Andromeda Galaxy as a Pathfinder.

So, if you are a fan of the game and/or the Mass Effect RPG franchise in general, then you might want to check out the newly available official sound track.