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Mark Julio clarifies some more details regarding the Street Fighter V FightPad Pro’s circular d-pad

Mad Catz Street Fighter V FightPad PRO Red 1Mark Julio has clarified some details in regards to the directional pad of the Street Fighter V FightPad Pro. The community and sponsorship manager from Mad Catz first confirmed that the circular pad will have a gate, similar to the fighting sticks from the same company, so that you will be able to get a feel of the diagonals and edges. This is important in fighting games as players often need to pull off attacks with different directional inputs quickly. Take a look at his comments below:

He also confirmed that the d-pad does not use any micro switches. Thus, it won’t be making any clicking noise when used:

On a somewhat related note Mark Julio also revealed that Mad Catz will be providing an update for x-input for gamers who would like to use the PS4/PS3 accessories, including the Street Fighter V FightPad, on the PC as well:

The Mad Catz Street Fighter V FightPad Pro, which will be released on the 16th of February in the North American region, comes in four different variations. If you are interested, you can preorder the dedicated fighting game controller with the following links on Amazon: Chun Li Blue, Ken Red, M. Bison Black and Ryu White.