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A look at the eXtremeRate Transparent Clear Controller Shell Kit for Dualshock 4

eXtremeRate has released a new product on the market that will convert the shell and buttons of your DualShock 4 to be transparent. If you are interested, you can purchase the kit with this link on Amazon’s website. You can also check out the content included in the package, as well as what the transparent DualShock 4 will look like when fully converted, with our media gallery below this paragraph.

The eXtremeRate Transparent Clear Controller Shell kit comes with an upper case shell, lower case shell, Guide button, Share button, Options button, Home button, L1 button, R1 button, L2 button, R2 button, action button set, directional pad, touch pad cover, two analog thumb sticks in addition to a Phillips screwdriver. So you should get everything you need to customize the PS4 pad.

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced a Crystal color for the DualShock 4, which has some transparency. With that said, the see-through aesthetics of the official pad is not as clear as the third-party product.

If you like the translucent look, as well as willing to take apart and then reassemble the internals of the DualShock 4, you might want to check out the Transparent Clear Controller Shell from eXtremeRate.