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Link and Toad versions of Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheels released in the U.S.

HORI-Mario-Kart-8-Racing-Wheel-Link-1The Link and Toad versions of the Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheels have been released in the United States region. If you are interested, you can purchase the two new variations of the product on Amazon with the following pages: Link and Toad.

For the uninformed, the Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheel from Hori provides a shell for the Wii Remote. The accessory should give the end user a better indication when it comes to using motion controls in racing games such as the aforementioned Mario Kart 8 in addition to Mario Kart Wii.

The Link and Toad versions come with their own unique symbols and colorings when compared to the other versions of Hori’s product. For Link, customers will get a gold-colored wheel with the Triforce marking on the back. The Toad variation comes in blue with the mushroom logo.

Toad has been a mainstay in the Mario Kart series while Link was recently added as a DLC character to Mario Kart 8. The Wii U exclusive game is one of the best-selling games on the console after coming out in May of 2014. It is unknown of Nintendo will continue supporting the sequel with more DLC packs in the future after success of the first two expansions.