Hyperkin explains why the RetroN HD Gaming Console is worth buying

Chris Gallizzi has commented on the upcoming release of the RetroN HD, explaining when the new gaming console is worth buying. In a press release sent to us, the Product Developer of Hyperkin stated that there has been a “general resurgence” when it comes to old-school gaming from the 8-bit era due to the likes of NES Classic Edition and The Disney Afternoon Collection.

He then said that the RetroN HD Gaming Console provides both a “perfect time machine” as well as a “gateway console” that can play real NES game cartridges. You can find his full comments below:

This is the best time to be an NES enthusiast. With the advent of the NES Classic Edition, Capcom’s Disney Afternoon Collection, and just a general resurgence in 8-bit gaming, the RetroN HD is both the perfect time machine and gateway console for playing real NES cartridges in your modern living room.

For the uninformed, the RetroN HD Gaming Console is compatible with both PAL and NTSC region cartridges at 720p with either the classic 4:3 screen ratio of the new standard 16:9 ratio. The system will be released on the 25th of May. You can preorder the two color options, if you are interested, with the following links on Amazon: Black Version and Gray Version.