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First images revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon New Nintendo 3DS XL Hard Pouch

Amazon has updated its product page for the Pokemon Sun and Moon New Nintendo 3DS XL Hard Pouch, revealing the first images. If you are interested, you can preorder the carrying case, which has been officially licensed by both Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, by using this link from the shopping website. You can check out the first images of the pouch with the images below this paragraph.

As you can see above, the hard pouch features artwork of the two legendary pocket monsters in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon on both sides. The product is designed to hold either a New Nintendo 3DS XL or regular Nintendo 3DS in addition to up to six game cartridges. It will protect all items from dirt particles along with some wear and tear. Also included is a system strap that will keep the handheld system in place.

Hori’s Pokemon Sun and Moon New Nintendo 3DS XL Hard Pouch are expected to come out on the 18th of November in the North American region. On the same day, Nintendo will also be releasing the latest mainline Pokemon titles. Players will be able to transfer pocket monsters from Pokemon X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby as well as the 3DS Virtual Console version of Red, Blue and Yellow to Sun and Moon.