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Exclusive DriveClub DLC pack available through Philips Norelco YS524/44 Click and Style Shaver

DriveClub_Weather_Screen_06_1402418575DriveClub is getting a new DLC pack. This one is somewhat unique as it requires a purchase of the Philips Norelco Click and Style 3-in-1 Toolkit shaver. The pack includes 10 exclusive skins for cars along with 250,000 fame points. The promotion is going to stay active until the 27th of December or until supplies last. Check out the both the shaver and videogame right now on Amazon – DriveClub and Philips Norelco Click and Style 3-in-1 Toolkit.

Evolution Studios do have extensive DLC planned for the PS4 exclusive release. The post-launch support includes nine cars and 11 tracks that are free to download. Additional car, tour and livery packs cost money but you can save your wallet by buying the season pass. The DLC releases are being spread out across the next eight months; so you may want to keep your copy around if you plan on getting all of the downloadable content.

DriveClub was made available on the 7th of October for the PlayStation 4. The racing game is still suffering from server issues even though the dev team is trying to fix them as soon as possible. A stripped-down PS Plus Edition was scheduled to come out at the same time as the regular version but got postponed due to the same server problems.