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Driveclub and Far Cry 4 audio modes added to PlayStation Gold, Pulse Elite and Silver headsets

far-cry-4-pagan-minThe Headset Companion App has been updated with several new custom audio modes. For the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset and PlayStation Silver Wired Headset, you can now upload profiles for Driveclub and Far Cry 4. For owners of PlayStation Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Headset, only the custom audio mode for Far Cry 4 has been added.

For the uninformed, Sony currently has three main gaming headsets on the market that can be used for both the PlayStation 4 current-gen console and the PlayStation 3 last-gen system. While the PlayStation Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Headset is the most expensive one available (in terms of MSRP), it also comes with the most features (such as BassImpact). The PlayStation Silver Wired Headset is the cheapest while the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset fits in the middle.

All three products support 7.1 virtual surround sound, which really puts you into the gaming world, especially in games that have custom audio modes. If you haven’t already, the headsets can be purchased on Amazon with these links: PlayStation Silver Wired, PlayStation Gold Wireless and PlayStation Pulse Elite Edition Wireless.

Driveclub was released exclusively for the PS4 on October 7 of last year. Far Cry 4 came out shortly afterwards on November 18 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.