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Drinkbox Studios’ Chris Mcquinn talks about the potential PlayStation VR support for Severed

severed-vitaIn an interview with Kinda Funny Games during their live streamed Day 2 coverage of GDC, Chris Mcquinn commented on the possibility of Severed supporting the PlayStation VR.

The designer at Drinkbox Studios first admitted that the development team talked about that possibility. With that said, they found that one of the potential problems is the lack of art assets that will cover the top and bottom areas if the players decided to look up and down. They would either have to create new assets or simply eliminate vertical head tracking.

Chris Mcquinn also provide some details in regards to the graphics of Severed. In the Vita game, players move from one node to another. Every node is actually a giant cylinder where the character stands in the middle. The art assets are taken and the wrapped around the cylinder with pinch edges to add depth.

Severed is expected to come out later this spring in the North American region. Chris Mcquinn expressed some concern in regards to how well the game will sell due to the diminishing support of the PlayStation Vita.

If you haven’t heard already, the PlayStation VR headset will be coming out later this October in North America and other regions.