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Collective Minds Cool N’ Charge Stand doubles as a cooling system and DualShock 4 charger for PS4

Details are available for the newly released Cool N’ Charge Stand from Collective Minds. According to a listing from Amazon, the PlayStation 4 accessory serves as both a cooling system and DualShock 4 charging station. You can purchase it through the retailer’s website with this link. A pair of photos showcasing the product can also be seen below this paragraph. As you can see, the Cool N’ Charge Stand has to be placed below the PS4 when the console is stood up from a vertical position. Collective Minds claims that the operational temperature is a lot more hotter when the PlayStation 4 sits in a vertical position as opposed to horizontal. Therefore, the company added three fans to push “high volume of air flow” through the console in order to keep it cool.

The accessory also operates as a DualShock 4 charger as there are cradles for you to recharge up to two controllers at the same time. It is powered through the AC, which results in faster charging of the gamepads. Last but not least, the product uses the same color scheme as the Jet Black PS4, so it won’t look out of place.

If you are looking for a multifunctional vertical stand for the PlayStation 4, you may want to give the Cool N’ Charge Stand a look.