Bonus lithograph set added to Star Wars Battlefront Collector’s Edition Guide

Amazon has updated the product page for the Star Wars Battlefront Collector’s Edition Guide, revealing that a bonus lithograph set has been added. The pack comes with four “high-quality” lithographs that feature the following locations: Endor, Hoth, Sullust and Tatooine. Each of these pieces is stored inside an envelope.

If you have not yet read our previous piece, the product also comes with an exclusive hardcover design featuring the helmet of a Stromtropper. As for the actual content, readers can expect to learn about the best way to use every weapon and vehicle in the game. It will also provide “expert strategies” for the competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes in addition to revealing how to specifically unlock all the trophies and achievements.

As with other guides from Prima Games, customers will also receive a digital version, optimized for smart phones and tablets. The product will only be available for one print run; so it may be best to order it as soon as possible. You can preorder the book via this link from the above-mentioned shopping website.

The guide, along with the Star Wars Battlefront videogame, will be released next month on the 17th of November in the North American region. The software product is coming to the PC along with the PS4 and Xbox One current-gen consoles.

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