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Bloodborne Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide finally released in U.S.

bloodborne-level-upThe Bloodborne Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide has finally been released in the United States. If you haven’t done so already, you can purchase the limited print run book right now with this page on Amazon.com.

For the uninformed, Future Press had to delay the official Bloodborne strategy guide due to From Software releasing a day one patch. The title update added online multiplayer as well as the Chalice Dungeons. It also changed some texts from the game. Instead of releasing the guide on the same day as the videogame, From Software opted to push back their product so that they can include all the important changes from the patch. Not to mention that they also decided to expand the page count from 400 pages to 528 pages.

Along with providing a detailed walkthrough for the videogame, Bloodborne Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide also comes with an exclusive dynamic theme, interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki and a lore index.

A lot of gamers are still finding a lot secrets in Bloodborne even though the game has been available since the 24th of March. If you want to uncover everything, in addition to having a desire to learn more about some of the lingering mysteries in the videogame, you may want to check out the Bloodborne Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide before it sells out of its limited print run.