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Another look at the Power A Amiibo End Level Display

Amazon has updated the listing for the Power A Amiibo End Level Display, providing another look at the product. If you are interested, you can preorder the figurine display with this link from the online retailer’s website. You can check out the new image of the item below this paragraph.As you can see above, the Power A Amiibo End Level Display is built using 22 kowarenai blocks. Each of these units have been molded to interlock with each other and will fit with all figurines (up to six total). It is stylized after the classic end level sections from the Super Mario Bros. videogame where you have to climb the stair-like structures and then jump as high up on the flagpole as possible.

Amazon previously listed an August 3rd release for the display. However, the online retailer is now expecting the product to launch sometime later this October in the North American region.

Amiibos have been selling very well. With that said, certain figures suffer from stock issues, causing crazed fans to hunt them down before the products sell out. If you are a fan of these figures and are looking for a creative way to show them off, you should check out the Amiibo End Level Display from Power A when it is made available later this year.