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1.01 patch released for Final Fantasy VII on PS4

Final_Fantasy_VII_SCREENSHOT4A new patch, version 1.01, has been quietly released for the Final fantasy VII port on PlayStation 4. According to the game’s update history, the newest version fixed an issue where players will get stuck while playing the roller-coaster mini-game at Gold Saucer.

Unfortunately, it looks like the music loop glitch remains unfixed. In the PlayStation 4 version, the field music (which plays out of battle) restarts from the beginning after every battle encounter instead of resuming where it left off. This is especially noticeable on the world map as that particular track is long. Hopefully, Square Enix will address this particular glitch in the near future.

The Final Fantasy VII port came out for the PlayStation 4 late last year on the 5th of December. The PS4 version, which is based on the PC release, features shaper in-game textures, the ability to use cheats as well as added trophy support.

Along with the port, Square Enix will be completely remaking Final Fantasy VII. Although the remake will be released in chunks, Tetsuya Nomura reassured fans that each part will feel complete. With that said, the new game is going to be quite different when compared to the original as it uses a new combat system as well as other potential changes.

If you are interested in the Final Fantasy VII port of the original for the PS4, you can purchase the game with this link on Amazon.