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A look at the various One Piece: Burning Blood DLC packs

The Xbox Store shopping website has provided a look at the various DLC packs of One Piece: Burning Blood. You can check out the images of the downloadable items with our media gallery located just below this paragraph.

The Playable Character Pack comes with Law (Heart), Doflamingo (Duel), Sabo (Lucy), Ace (Strong) and Shanks (Strong). The Costume Pack includes the Whitebeard (Myth), Zoro (Shura), Bon Clay (Clone), Nami (Swimsuit), Nico Robin (Swimsuit), Boa Hancock (Swimsuit), Perona (Swimsuit) and Koala (Swimsuit). The Luffy Pack adds Luffy (Champ), Luffy (Kung Fu) and Luffy (Gear 4). The Customization Pack features the following HUD Cusotmizations: Law Style, Doflamingo Style, Sabo Style and Ace Style.

Last but not least, the Wanted Pack has all of the content from the aforementioned Playable Character Pack, Costume Pack and Customization Pack. You can check out the One Piece: Burning Blood DLC packs with the links below:

One Piece: Burning Blood was developed by Spike Sunsoft and published by Bandai Namco Games. The fighting game will be released for the PlayStation 4,Xbox One, PlayStation Vita and PC gaming platforms on the 31st of May in the North American region. You can preorder the physical version of the latest One Piece game with this link on Amazon.