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Officially licensed PS4 racing wheels: T300RS vs. T80 features comparison

Due to various reasons, your PlayStation 3 racing wheels won’t work with the PlayStation 4. So, if you want to get the most out of your racing games, you will need to buy a new one for the current-gen console. Sony previously announced two compatible Thrusmaster wheels: the T300RS and T80. So which of these two are worth the purchase? Let’s compare the lists of features of these two officially licensed PS4 racing wheels.

Steering Wheel

The T80 steering wheel uses the Thrustmaster’s Bungee Cord tech to provide linear resistance. It also comes with four presets and adjustable sensitivity so that you can get the right feel when driving around with your virtual cars. Last but not least, the wheel can be rotated in 240 degrees with automatic re-centering.

In comparison, the T300RS certain blows away the T80. The former has an adjustable angle from 270 to 1080 degrees. A “brushless motor” has also been put into the steering wheel’s base, providing force feedback. Thrustmaster also used their H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology to prevent wear and tear. Not to mention that the product uses 65,536 values for steering to provide as much accuracy as possible. You can even upgrade the firmware of the product thanks to the internal memory.


The pedal set for the T80 is placed on a wide footrest to eliminate any unintentional inputs of using the gas pedal instead of the break and vice versa. The pedals can also be adjusted while the break is designed to provide “progressive resistance.”

The brake pedal for the T300RS PlayStation 4 racing wheel has the same resistance feature. The pedal set is also more adjustable as you can change the height and spacing for up to six positions. The product is also made of metal, making it harder to break when compared to the T80.

Compatible Games

The compatible videogames for both of the T300RS and T80 wheels should be the same. On the PlayStation 4 side, the two accessories are supported in DriveClub, F1 2015, Project Cars and The Crew. For the PlayStation 3, the T300RS can also provide the above-mentioned force feedback rumble feature for game like Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6.

Accessory Customization

You can also customize the T300RS with several add-on accessories. The product can use the Ferrari F1, Ferrari GTE and T500 RS GT detachable wheels in addition to the T3PA and T500 RS pedal sets. Last but not least, the TH8A and TH8RS gearboxes are also compatible. The same can’t be said for the T80.


The T80 does have one advantage over the T300RS when it comes to pricing. The former is designed for gamers with a budget. As a result, it costs a lot less when compared to the T300RS, which is built more for the hardcore racing enthusiasts.

Final Verdict

If money isn’t the issue, we suggest getting the T300RS as it has a lot more features when compared to T80. With that said, the T80 is not a bad investment if you want a simple racing wheel without having to spend a lot of cash. You can buy the two with these links on Amazon: Thrustmaster T300RS and Thrustmaster T80.