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Is the Madden NFL 15 Xbox One Bundle worth buying?

Madden NFL 15 Xbox One Bundle Microsoft has announced another Xbox One bundle. The latest one packaged the system with the Madden NFL 15 videogame. So is the new bundle worth purchasing? We take a look at several elements to take into account when deciding whether or not to buy the product.


The Madden NFL 15 Xbox One Bundle includes the Xbox One system (with a chat headset and wireless controller) and a copy of Madden NFL 15. The videogame also has some extras: a special edition packaging and token to download three Madden NFL Ultimate Team Pro Packs. Gamers are going to save from the full price of the videogame when buying the bundle instead of purchasing the two items separately. Check out the current price of the product right now on Amazon.

Nevertheless, the savings are going to be front-ended. Gamers are only getting a digital copy of Madden NFL 15, making it impossible to trade or sell the football game. Even if they can, the value of sporting videogames tend to drop really fast.


Aside from the special packaging for the game, everything else in the bundle look the same as before. Microsoft could have used the opportunity to create a really cool looking NFL-themed Xbox One. Alas, they want with the vanilla black design.


Microsoft said that the Madden NFL 15 Xbox One Bundle has limited availability. They did not specific the amount. Since you are only getting a standard-looking Xbox One, we don’t see it likely that the bundle can sell out at launch unless Microsoft decided to make very little units in the first place.

The bundle is worth buying if you are a hardcore Madden NFL fan looking to jump into next-gen. These types of gamers are going to appreciate the savings upfront. For others who are interested in the Xbox One but not the football game, it is best to wait for some other bundles, especially with Black Friday coming up.

The Madden NFL 15 Xbox One Bundle is launching on the 26th of August. It is also the same launch day for the video game. Even with the exclusive hardware bundle, Madden NFL 15 is also releasing on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. If you haven’t already, you can preorder the game on all platforms here.