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Complementary products to buy along with Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and Conquest

The Fire Emblem series has grown recently over the past several years. The latest releases, Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates Conquest, are shaping up to be the most popular ones yet. If you are planning to pick up either or both of these titles, there are other complementary products we suggest buying to get the most out of your experience.

Fire Emblem Fates Revelation

Even if you purchase both Birthright and Conquest, you won’t get the full story of the tactical role-playing game without purchasing Revelation as well. The third story path, which is only available as DLC, will provide more insight on the events that occurred in both the Birthright and Conquest campaigns (so it’s best to save this download-only path for last). If you are planning to fully complete Fire Emblem Fates, make sure you don’t miss out on Revelation.

You can purchase the DLC campaign with this link on Amazon.

Fire Emblem Fates Map Pack 1

If you crave even more of the game, then you should also check out the first map pack as well. This DLC comes with 11 maps that will reveal more background stories of characters from Fire Emblem Fates in addition to Fire Emblem Awakening. You can check out the list of maps that will be released in the pack below (via the official website):

  • Before Awakening – Beyond the gate to another world lies the Halidom of Ylisse. Rewards: Pebble (every time), Exalt’s Brand / Hero’s Brand (first time only)
  • Boo Camp – It is said that there is another world where one can get plenty of experience… Rewards: Experience points
  • Beach Brawl – And the winner of the royal families’ battle over a ticket to paradise is… Rewards: Special event illustration
  • Ghostly Gold – It is said that there is another world where one can get plenty of gold… Rewards: Gold
    Museum Melee – It is said that there is a world where one can get many new weapons… Rewards: Weapons
  • Royal Royale – A battle to determine the strongest royal. And the last one standing is— Rewards: An item to raise all stats (first time only), Dread scroll / ebon wing (every time)
  • Hidden Truths (1 and 2) – The secret prologue to the world of Fates. 2 map set. Rewards: Fell Brand / First Blood (every time)
  • Vanguard Dawn – A trial ground using the stage Elincia’s Gambit from Radiant Dawn. Rewards: Vanguard Brand (every time)
  • Anna on the Run – Anna is cornered by thieves! What will her fate be…? Rewards: Anna joins the party (first time only)
  • Ballistician Blitz – A trial ground using the stage The Wooden Cavalry from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. Rewards: Sighting Lens (every time)
  • Witches’ Trial – A trial ground using the stage Fear Mountain from Fire Emblem Gaiden. Rewards: Witch’s Mark (every time)

Furthermore, the DLC pack also comes with a bonus where you can select either the Sighting Lens or Witch’s Mark as a gift of Anna. If you are interested, you can find the Fire Emblem Fates Map Pack 1 here.


Limited Edition System

Fans might want to consider getting the limited edition New Nintendo 3DSXL system as well. The specially designed portable is plastered with the house symbols of the rival Hoshido and Nohr families. Keep in mind that the system does not come with an AC Adapter, so you will have to buy one separately or use a power adapter that came with the 3DS, 2DS and DSi. This handheld also does not come with either Fire Emblem Fates Birthright or Fire Emblem Fates Conquest.

With that said, the limited edition product does look great. You can purchase it, if you want to, with this page.fire-emblem-fates-birthright-limited-edition-3ds-bundle

Faceplate and Skins

If you would rather decorate your current 3DS with Fire Emblem Fates artwork instead, then there are other product worth checking out. The first is the official New Nintendo 3DS Fire Emblem Fates Cover Plate as it features one of the families on top with the other on the bottom. Find the handheld plate via this link.new-nintendo-3ds-fire-emblem-fates-cover-plateSkinhub also made several console skins, based on the upcoming game, for various 3DS platforms. Check them out with the following links: Nintendo 2DS skin, Nintendo 3DS skin, Nintendo 3DS XL skin and New Nintendo 3DS XL skin.

Fire Emblem Awakening

If you are enjoying Fire Emblem Fates, then you will most likely love its predecessor, Awakening, as well. For instance, you can use the marriage system to pair characters can create an offspring that will inherit both of his or her parent’s abilities. Not to mention that the aforementioned Map Pack 1 features characters from Awakening as well.

So, if you haven’t played the previous installment, make sure you check out Fire Emblem Awakening here.fire-emblem-awakening

The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening

You might also want to take a look at the official art book for Fire Emblem Awakening. The paperback comes with 320 pages worth of in-game event storyboards, weapon designs in addition to character illustrations and profiles. Furthermore, the entire script, containing all potential branches of dialogue lines, is also included.

Check out The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening via this page.The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening

Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

The main character in Fire Emblem Fates, who has the default name of Corrin, is already a playable DLC character in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Thus, you get to use the protagonist’s unique abilities to fight against other iconic characters in the fighting game. Not to mention that other Fire Emblem representatives (Ike, Lucina, Marth, Robin and Roy) are playable as well.

Find the fighting games with the following links: Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.corrin super smash bros for wii u 3dsIf you are picking up Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and/or Fire Emblem Fates Conquest, you might want to take a look at the complementary products we mentioned above to optimize your experience.