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What is the best Nintendo Switch starter kit?

Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch, has a portable mode where you can take the tablet unit with you on the go. If you are planning to pick the hybrid system up and play it outside, we recommend up getting several accessories. So what is the best Nintendo Switch starter kit? If you have a hard time finding one to your liking, you can check out our buying guide below.

Essential Nintendo Switch Accessories

A Nintendo Switch starter kit should contain some essential accessories for the handheld unit. In our opinion, the most important factor is having a carrying case. Unlike the Nintendo 3DS, the Switch does not have a clamp design. As a result, the screen, analog sticks and face buttons are exposed whether if you are carrying the tablet in your pocket, backpack, bag and/or other non-optimized carrying compartments.

Furthermore, we also feel that the screen could also use another layer of protection. The Nintendo Switch uses a capacitive touch screen, meaning that it will react when you pushed down on it. Thus, the screen is vulnerable to fingerprint smudges, scratches and other potential hazards.

If you are planning to bring the Nintendo Switch with you while you are traveling, then protecting it should be a top priority.

PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

For the above reasons, we highly recommend checking out the PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit. The bundle, which has been officially licensed by Nintendo, comes with a 3D molded case that will keep the tablet unit, with the two Joy-Con controllers installed, in place. There are also pockets to store up to 12 Switch game cartridges in addition to a pocket mesh to hold smaller accessories.

The Switch Starter Kit also comes with a screen protector. When applied, this filter should protect the screen from scratches and smudges. An applicator, which should make the protector easy to apply, and cleaning cloth, used for cleaning the filter, are also included in the accessory bundle.

This kit has other useful items as well, including a pair of thumb caps for those who don’t like the feel of the default analog grips that come with the system. The bundle also comes with Joy-Con Armor Guards that will provide a better gripping surface, when compared to the default setup, in addition to protecting the left and right controllers. Last but not least, ear buds are included in the bundle in case you want to listen to the game’s acoustics while playing on the go without much distractions.

Multiple Versions

If you do decide to purchase the PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit, you’ll have four different versions. Aside from aesthetics, these products are the same. The available options are the Standard Edition, Mario Icon Edition, Mario “M” Edition and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link’s Tunic Edition. You can purchase the one you like with the following links:

You can also check out what the four different versions look like with our media galleries located just below this paragraph:

PDP Switch Starter Kit Standard Edition:

PDP Switch Starter Kit Mario Icon Edition:

PDP Switch Starter Kit Mario “M” Edition:

PDP Switch Starter Kit The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link’s Tunic Edition:

The aforementioned Starter Kits are coming out on the 3rd of March in the North American region, the same day as the launch of the Nintendo Switch. So, if you are looking for accessories for the new handheld and console hybrid system, then you should definitely check out the PDP Switch Starter Kit as it is the best one available at launch.