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Best controller, memory card size, compatible games and other products to buy for PlayStation TV

playstation_tv_handJust buying the PlayStation TV alone will be a waste as the television device is reliant on other products if you are planning to take full advantage of its potential. So what are the best products you should purchase to go along with it? Find out in our list of recommended complimentary items below.

PlayStation 4

One of the best reasons for owning the PlayStation TV is that it serves as a Remote Play device for the PlayStation 4. Therefore, you can stream PS4 games on it. To do so, you must own a PlayStation 4. Pretty much all games, with the exception of those that require the PlayStation Camera and/or PlayStation Move, support Remote Play. So, if you want to play PS4 games on PlayStation TV, you have to buy a PlayStation 4 along with it. Check out the current price of the system on Amazon.

DualShock 4

For some reason, Sony opted to bundle the television device with the DualShock 3 instead of DualShock 4. In our previous piece, we advise against buying the PlayStation TV DualShock 3 Bundle. This is because the DualShock 4 is a much better controller than its predecessor. You will also need it if you want to use Remote Play with PlayStation 4 games. So, instead of the bundle, it is best to pay extra to buy the PlayStation TV and DualShock 4. Check out the various colors available for the gamepad with this link.

PlayStation Plus

If you are already a member of PlayStation Plus, then there should be no need to explain to you the benefits of being a subscriber. If you want to play PlayStation 4 games online while streaming to the PlayStation TV, you’ll need to subscribe. Even if you’re not a multiplayer gamer, the service gives away a set of videogames at no additional costs every month. Most of these could be played through Remote Play (via the PS4) while others can be accessed from the storage of the television device (i.e. PSOne Classics, PlayStation Minis, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita games).

The amount of free stuff you get as a member more than justify the costs PlayStation Plus. If you have not yet jumped in, you should do so right now by purchasing a one-year membership on this page.

PlayStation Vita Memory Card

Longtime PlayStation Plus members can tell you how fast they can run out of space with all of the free PSOne Classics, PlayStation Minis, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita games. So, while the PlayStation TV does comes with 1 GB of storage, it is not sufficient enough when you considered that the file sizes of most videogames usually exceed that limit. To add more space, you need to buy the PlayStation Vita Memory Card.

The biggest one available is 64 GB, which can only be imported but will still work with the U.S. version of PlayStation TV. Otherwise, you can also pick up the 32 GB version. Find both memory cards on Amazon – 32 GB and 64 GB.

Video Games

While the PlayStation TV has a few multimedia features, let’s not kid ourselves. The real reason to buy it is to play videogames. Along with the abovementioned Remote Play with PlayStation 4, it also supports PlayStation Now, which streams PlayStation 3 games (as well as titles from other systems in the future).

Hundreds of videogames can be played on the television device directly too. The huge list composes of PSOne Classics, PlayStation Minis, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita games. PSOne Classics, PlayStation Minis, PSP and Vita releases have to be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. On the other hand, you can use the game cards from the compatible Vita releases. Check out a few of our recommended games on Amazon below:

Find the full list of eligible titles here. PlayStation TV launches on the 14th of October.