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Shopping Guide: Best PlayStation 4 Games to Buy

The PlayStation 4 may have a stellar software lineup planned for 2015 but this year’s releases weren’t too shabby either. So which are the best PlayStation 4 games to keep an eye when shopping during Black Friday and the rest of the 2014 holiday season? Find out in our guide below.

Best Games to Show Off PlayStation 4 Graphics

DriveClub -While it may have its fair share of online issues, DriveClub is still a great showcase game for the PlayStation 4. Small touches like how light reflects the hoods of the cars really add to the realistic and highly-detailed visuals of the racer. Not to mention that the exclusive is going to get a patch to add weather, which should make the graphics even more spectacular. If you don’t feel like waiting for the next Gran Turismo, then you should consider picking up DriveClub with this link.


inFamous: Second Son – No other series have demonstrated the power gap between the PS3 and PS4 better than inFamous. Comparing the first two games, which were releast last generation, to inFamous: Second Son is a night and day difference. The PlayStation 4 game is simply gorgeous with incredible visual effects like lighting and smoke. Oh and its pretty fun as well. Check out the current price right now on Amazon.


Best PS4 First-Person Shooters

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – After a misstep last year, the Call of Duty franchise seems to have gotten right back on track with Advanced Warfare. The new futuristic settings allowed for some major gameplay changes as traversal now plays a more major role. The addictive nature of the multiplayer and the sheer amount of content makes Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a safe choice to pick up during the Christmas season wand beyond. You can take a look at its current price right now with this link.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Kevin Spacey

Destiny – Although it may not have lived up to the pre-release hype, Destiny does offer an unique take on the genre. Teaming up with friends on raids and strikes can get addicting, especially if you are the type that gets hooked to loot-based experiences. The videogame should also be getting a lot of post-launch support with patches and expansion packs. For those who prefer co-op with FPS, Destiny is the best 2014 option to buy.


Far Cry 4 – If you want a more open-world experience, then Far Cry 4 has you covered in the first-person shooting genre. The sequel is set in a place based on the Himalayas. So you will be able to visit some exciting locations, encountering some striking animals (like elephants and tigers) in addition to having a big sandbox to play around in. There is also a co-op mode to play with another friend. Make sure to check it out when shopping around.


Wolfenstein: The New Order – Last but not least, Wolfenstein: The New Order is great for old-school fans looking for a more traditional experience compared to modern-day shooters. The newest release in the classic series has the best campaign in the genre this year thanks to a strong story and satisfying gameplay. Pick up this underrated gem right now on Amazon.


Best PlayStation 4 Survival-Horror Games

Alien Isolation – Survival-horror games saw a renaissance on the PlayStation 4 due largely in part of releases like Alien Isolation. The new Alien game takes advantage of the license by locking you into a desolated space station with the horrifying creature. A gruesome scene will play out if the overpowered enemy gets to you; so be prepared for plenty to tense moments if you decide to buy the videogame this holiday season.


The Evil Within – If you want a little bit of action added to the survival-horror formal, then The Evil Within also has you covered. The new I.P. should look and feel similar since it is came from the mastermind of the same person, Shinji Mikami, who directed Resident Evil 4. Fans who were disappointed with the recent Resident Evil releases should definitely check out The Evil Within here.


Best PS4 RPG

Dragon Age Inquisition -Bioware admitted that they have plenty of work to do with the Dragon Age series after the underwhelming second game. Their efforts have paid off with Dragon Age Inquisition. Along with a more tactical combat system, the new release is also massive with plenty to do and a lot of areas to explore. With Bioware’s top notch writing to boot, you could be playing Inquisition for a very long time. Take a look at the RPG’s current price with this link.


Best PlayStation 4 Remasters

Grand Theft Auto V – Although it may have broke sales records, a lot of fans were hoping that last year’s mega hit, Grand Theft Auto V, would eventually end up on the PlayStation 4. Not only did Rockstar ported the game, they also added a bunch of new stuff like a first-person mode, cars, plantations and visual effects. So, even if you already play the game, it is certainly worth experiencing again with all of the improvements. Make sure to pick up this PS4 remaster here.


The Last of Us Remastered – The Last of Us was one of the best games of last-generation. Unfortunately, it was initially only released on the PlayStation 3, leaving those who own other systems out in the cold. Fortunately, Sony re-released the critically-acclaimed videogame on the PlayStation 4 with enhanced graphics and all major DLC packs. If you have not yet done so already, pick up The Last of Us Remastered with this page on Amazon.


Best PS4 Co-Op Games

LittleBigPlanet 3 – The LittleBigPlanet series is always great to play along with others. The experience is made even better with the third main game as you can play as three other characters, each with their own unique abilities, aside from Sackboy. This not only opens up new gameplay elements, but also new possibilities when creating a level. Aside from the story levels, there are also million of user-created stages from the new release as well as previous games to wade through together. Purchase LittleBigPlanet 3 here.


Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition – Diablo 3 may be disappointing for PC gamers but the videogame is excellent on consoles. The DualShock 4 works flawlessly with the frantic action on screen. You can also play with up to three friends to take on hordes and hordes of enemies. It is easy to get lost for hours collecting loot and dungeon crawling with buddies. So make sure to buy the game with this link if you are planning to play co-op with friends.

Diablo 3 - 3With these games, you should have plenty to hold you over until the rest of 2014 and beyond.