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Top five upcoming PlayStation 4 JRPGs

Final_Fantasy_XV_Episode_Duscae_05The JRPG genre may not be as popular as it once was but there are still a few big videogames releasing on the PlayStation 4 in the future. So which announced of these games should you look forward to the most? Find out in our list of the current top five upcoming PlayStation 4 JRPGs.

5. Deep Down

Deep Down was actually one of the first games shown off for the PS4. The exclusive came from a collaboration between Capcom Online Games and SCE Japan Studio. Aside from the pretty graphics rendered by the new Phanta Rhei engine, the JRPG is a dungeon crawler with different online elements like cooperative play. Capcom is also aiming for some sci-fi goodness in terms of plot as the game is actually set in the future.

Some gamers are a little bit worry about Deep Down being free-to-play. Despite the early reveal, the project also do not have a release date set for the foreseeable future. A planned multiplayer beta ended up being pushed back to next year as well; so there could be some potential problems with the project.

4. Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts is finally returning to consoles once again after countless handheld releases over the past several years. Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be the climax of all the other chapters from the prior releases. If that wasn’t enough to get you hype, the gameplay will be expanded with the abilities to summon attractions, transform the Keyblade in unique ways and more.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was also announced quite early when it was unveiled last summer. The sequel is most likely coming out after the releases of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV. So we may not see it until the year of 2016 at the earliest. With that said, you can still preorder the game right now on Amazon.

3. Final Fantasy XV

Speaking of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix made a bunch of announcements recently at the Tokyo Game Show. The most important one is that a demo will be made available in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD so that fans can try out the new game. This indicates that Square Enix may be finally getting ready to actually release the product.

While there are still a bunch of questions about the gameplay, the combat still looks very flashy. Gamers can control as Noctis and command the other party members. There is also a cool-looking teleportation technique that will literally let you fast travel to otherwise impossible spots. After the disappointing Final Fantasy XIII, it seems like the series could be returning to form with the upcoming installment. Reserve Final Fantasy XV by clicking on this link.

2. Persona 5

The Persona series quickly rose to the top of the JRPG food chain with the releases of Persona 3 and Persona 4. Atlus took advantage of the increased popularity by releasing a lot of spin-off games and ports. What fans really want, however, is Persona 5. The sequel got announced last year as a PlayStation 3 exclusive and was also confirmed recently for the PlayStation 4 at the Tokyo Game Show.

Aside from an animated trailer showing the main character, the videogame still remains a big mystery. We do know that the story is going to be based around the lives of high school students once again. “Freedom” and the color of red are also being used as themes. Despite the lack of info, we still believe that the development team will be able to deliver on the goods when the product is released in 2015.

1. Bloodborne

While most JRPGs developers have a hard time adapting in the HD era, From Software strive in it. Demon’s Souls became a cult classic while Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 ended up being big hits. The company’s latest effort is Bloodborne, a PlayStation 4 exclusive co-developed with SCE Japan Studio.

Souls fans who thought that Dark Souls 2 did not provide much of an evolution are in for a treat with Bloodborne. The gameplay is a lot faster than before with more aggressive enemies and faster character movements. Not to mention that you have to rely on dodging and parrying with the shield being removed.

Early reports have been overwhelming positive for the new I.P., which is launching the 6th of February. It will be available in both standard and limited editions. If you haven’t already, you should preorder the best upcoming JRPG for the PlayStation 4 right now on Amazon.