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Top five most bizarre games from the sixth-gen era

god_hand_Suplex_03The sixth-gen era of gaming produced a lot of off-the-wall videogames. Back then, companies liked to take plenty of chances on the PlayStation 2, Gamecube and Xbox. As a result, this led to some truly bizarre games. So what were the weirdest experience during this time? Find out in our list below.

5. Mister Mosquito

Platform: Playstation 2, Developer: Zoom, Publisher: Eidos Interactive, Release Date: 2002, ESRB Rating: T

The game can simply described as a mosquito simulator. Mr. Mosquito has to stock up on blood supplies so that he can survive the upcoming winter.

To achieve this goal, he has to suck the blood of the Yamada family. The family consists of a father (Kenichi), mother (Kaneya) and daughter (Rena). By manipulating objects in the environment (i.e. turning the lights off), Mr. Mosquito can distract the Yamadas. He then can move-in on the opportunity and suck their blood.

To suck the blood out of unsuspecting victims, you have to rotate the analog stick so that you can drill through the skin. However, if he gets caught, the Yamadas will try to kill him with a fly swatter or by spraying pesticide. If you ever thought about living the hard life of a mosquito, this bizarre game is your opportunity.

4. PaRappa the Rapper 2

Platform: Playstation 2, Developer: NanaOn-Sha, Publisher: SCEI, Release Date: 2002, ESRB Rating: E

If you think the first PaRappa the Rapper was bizarre, then you haven’t played the second installment. PaRappa and his gang return to save the world from a noodle invasion. That’s right; everything in the world is turning into noodles. To solve this strange phenomenon, you have to rap (well since it is a rhythm game, you have to push certain button at the right time to “rap”) your way through a burger joint, boot camp, hair salon and other abnormal predicaments.

Everyone’s favorite teacher, Chop Chop Master Onion, made a return in a romance television show. The story is not the only bizarre part of the game; the graphics are also atypical. Basically, the game has 2D characters in a 3D world. Like paper, the characters are flat; and they behave like paper (for example, they turn the same way as a paper would twist). The original PaRappa the Rapper revolutionized the rhythm genre. While the second game doesn’t quiet has the same impact, it managed to out-weird the weirdness of the first game.

3. Pikmin 2

Platform: Gamecube, Developer: Nintendo, Publisher: Nintendo, Release Date: 2004, ESRB Rating: E

Captain Olimar has returned to the Pikmin world. This time, instead of crash landing by accident, he came back willingly. What was his reason? To help his boss, Hocotate Freight, get out of a huge debt, of course! From the legendary videogame creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, Pikmin is far from normal. You, as Captain Olimar, command Pikmins, plant-like creatures, in a miniature world (ala the Honey I Shrunk the Kids films) to help salvage everyday household items and sell it for money.

The Pikmins come in different colors, representing their different abilities (yellow can nullified electricity, blue can swim, red can nullified fire, etc). Along the way, Pikmin predators will be blocking your path. As a result, melees will ensue. If you win, you can command the Pikmin to carry the predators back to your base so you can give birth to more Pikmins. With bizarre creatures, a bizarre world and bizarre gameplay, Pikmin 2 is not your ordinary game.

2. Stretch Panic

Platform: Playstation 2, Developer: Treasure, Publisher: Conspiracy Entertainment, Release Date: 2001, ESRB Rating: T

In Stretch Panic, you play a little girl, Linda, as you try to rescue her twelve sisters. Linda must travel throughout the Museum of Agony fighting enemies and bosses to save her sisters. What is the weapon of choice? It’s Linda’s scarf, of course! Her scarf, which looks more like a shadow hand with one eye, can grabbed anything in the world and stretched it.

To attack, simply grab and pull on something with your scarf and let go. The object you pulled will snap back into place, damaging any enemies on the way. The enemies consists of Bonita Zakos, women that are extremely well endowed (we’re talking about breasts that are two to three times the size of the rest of their bodies). With extremely big breasted enemies and a scarf as a weapon, Stretch Panic was one of the most bizarre videogames in the sixth-gen era of gaming.

1. God Hand

Platform: Playstation 2, Developer: Clover Studio, Publisher: Capcom, Release Date: 2006, ESRB Rating: M

God Hand is an action beat ’em up game developed by the acclaimed but now defunct developer, Clover Studio (developers of instant classics, Okami and Viewtiful Joe). The main character, Gene, has the God Hand-a weapon with incredible divine powers- on his right arm. As a result, he is a wanted man to the demons. Fighting and bizarreness ensues. The demons come in many different varieties: from dominatrix to gorilla wrestler to Power Rangers wannabes.

The enemies in this game are far from generic. To counter this, Gene is equip with some equally bizarre moves including the ability to spank your opponent or the ability to use a bat and hit them out of the ballpark. Gene’s God Hand also joins in on the fun, increasing the speed and power of his attacks. The game never takes itself seriously as it is full of clichés and cheesiness. God Hand is definitely out of the ordinary and is one of the most bizarre experiences out there.