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How to earn the Practice Makes Perfect Trophy/Achievement in Shenmue

One of the more confusing trophies/achievements in the Shenmue HD re-release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is Practice Makes Perfect. In order to earn this, the description mentions that you have to “practise your Kung Fu in the Dojo with Fuku-san.” Whether if its due to the vague description and/or a possible glitch, a lot of players are not getting this trophy/achievement. So, how exactly do you earn Practice Makes Perfect? You can find out in our short guide below.


Masayuki Fukuhara, or Fuku-san, can be found in the Hazuki Dojo. It is located to the left side of the yard once you exit Ryo’s house.


The tricky part of getting the Practice Makes Perfect Trophy/Achievement is the timing. There is specific time limit to earn it in the campaign. The earliest part that this can be done is when Ine Hayata, or Ine-san (the housekeeper of Hazuki Residence) hands Ryo a Chinese-written letter as he wakes up in the morning. The letter-handling scene occurs after being told to meet Charlie at You Arcade in the following day at 3 PM after finding him at the Tattoo Parlor.

Keep in mind that you can spar with Fuku-san before the event mentioned above. However, you won’t be able to unlock the Practice Makes Perfect Trophy/Achievement until this particular point in the story.

Immediately after the scene, make sure to save your game and then head directly to the dojo and talk to Fuku-san. Hopefully, you will have to option to train with him and earn this trophy/achievement.

Possible Glitch

If you still can’t unlock Practice Makes Perfect after following the aforementioned instructions, we recommend reloading your save and trying again as there may be a glitch. As of this writing, Shenmue is at version 1.03 on Xbox One, version 1.01 on PlayStation 4 and version 1.0 on PC.