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Where to find Warp spell in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Unlike the original PlayStation 2 game, the Warp spell is a lot harder to find in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. If you are having a hard time acquiring the spell, you can check out our brief guide below.

About Warp

Warp is a Time Magic Spell that, when successful, will banish all foes within range from battle. The party members won’t get any experience points or license points. Obtaining the spell is also required to earn the Runeweaver Silver Trophy.

Warp requires a Time Magick 8 license to use. So it is only available for two job Zodiac Job classes, one of which is the Time Battlemage. The other is the Machinist although you will need the Famfrit Esper license to unlock it.

In the original game, Warp could be bought in the Rabanastre and Eruyt Village shops. In The Zodiac Age, however, it can only be found inside a well hidden chest.

Nabreus Deadlands

The Warp spell can be found in Nabreus Deadlands. This optional area, which is filled with high-leveled enemies, can be accessed from either The Necrohol of Nabudis or Salikawood.

Lifeless Strand

Once you get to Nabreus Deadlands, head to the Lifeless Strand subsection. This area is located between Succor Midst Sorrow (which has the orange teleport save crystal) and Field of the Fallen North (the area that will lead to The Necrohol of Nabudis).

Once you get to the Lifeless Strand, go to the top middle area of the map, which is connected with two wooden planks on both the west and east side. From there, look to the northwest and you should see a submerged path with plants.

Crossover the unmarked section of the map and follow the short path until you spot a chest. The Warp spell can be found inside this chest.

Hopefully, you can find the Warp spell easily with our guide.