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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Nihopalaoa accessory locations guide

One of the most useful accessory in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is the Nihopalaoa. It can also be quite rare to find if you are not looking in the right places. If you are having trouble finding this elusive accessory, you can check out our Nihopalaoa locations guide below.

About Nihopalaoa

When equipped, the Nihopalaoa will reverse the effects of restorative items. As a result, potions will take away HP instead of heal HP when used. The same is true when it comes to status ailment healing items like Eye Drops (which will cause blindness instead), Serum (which will cause disease instead) and Remedy (which will cause a multitude of negative status effects).

The Nihopalaoa, when paired with Remedy, is an quick and effective way to infect negative status effects to vulnerable enemies in Final Fantasy 12. It is especially helpful in Stage 100 of the Trial Mode of The Zodiac Age.

Location #1: Treasure Chest at Phase 2 Dig in Henne Mines

One of the ways that you can acquire the Nihopalaoa is by picking it up in a treasure chest located at Phase 2 Dig in Henne Mines. This area can only be accessed after you obtained 10 Espers in the game and complete the Mindflayer hunt. Once both requirements are met, you have to talk to Geomancer at Jahara in order to open the eastern gate of Ore Separation to access Phase 2 Dig in Henne Mines.

The treasure chest containing the Nihopalaoa is located in an unmarked path of the map near the middle of the section:

There is a 25% chance of the chest spawning. So, if you don’t see it, exit the zone and then return to see it it’s there. Rinse and repeat the process until you acquire the Nihopalaoa.

Location #2: Treasure Chest at Umbra – South in Pharos Subterra

The accessory can also be found in another chest, although this one is quite a bit more tedious. The chest can be found in the Umbra – South in Pharos Subterra. In order to access Pharos Subterra, you have to first clear the story events of The Pharos at Ridorana. Afterwards, return to the first floor and use the Dais of Ascendance elevator to head to Subterra.

Once you managed to get to the Umbra floor of the dungeon, go to the southwestern corner room and then the southern door. Follow the path and you should reach a big oval-shaped room at the end. This is where you will encounter two Dragon Lich enemies.

This is also where two chests will spawn. One of which will spawn in the middle of the room. While the other will appear next to a pillar in the south edge.

You will want the southern chest to appear as it will contain the Nihopalaoa. Unfortunately, there is only a 5% chance of it spawning. If you don’t see it, exit and re-enter the room until you do.

Location #3: Bought from Bazaar

You can also buy the Nihopalaoa from the Bazaar in FF12. To do so, you have to sell three Blood-stained Necklaces, three Leo Gems and two Death’s-Heads.

Blood-stained Necklaces can be stolen and are a Monograph Drop from Shambling Corpse enemies.

Leo Gems are readily available as it is dropped by Aeronite, Archaeoaevis, Archaeosaur, Ash Wyrm, Giruveganus, Gizamaluk and Shield Wyrm. It can also be stolen from Aeronite, Archaeoaevis, Ash Wyrm, Bellwyvern, Cataract Aevis, Diresaur, Dragon Aevis, Emperor Aevis, Hashmal, Myath, Tiamat, Tyranorox, Vyraal and Wild Saurian. Last but not least, you can also poach the gems from Bell Wyvern and Cataract Aevis.

The Death’s-Head loot is a Monograph Drop from Dark Skeleton. It can also be stolen from Grave Lord and poached from Dark Skeleton.

Location #4: Bought from Hunt Club Outfitters shop in Phon Coast

The Nihopalaoa can also be bought at Hunt Club Outfitters shop in Phon Coast. In order to get the accessory to appear in the store, however, you first have to give all 30 of your rare game trophies to Stok. You then have to pay a hefty 360,000 gil to buy it.

Location #5: Trial Mode

You can also get a Nihopalaoa from the Trial Mode of The Zodiac Age version of FFXII. It is an uncommon steal from Carrot, which can be fought at Stage 70. To increase your chances of getting it, you can equip the Thief’s Cuff accessory.

If you did not successfully steal Nihopalaoa, you can take advantage of the auto-save feature introduced in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age by quitting before killing Carrot. You can then reload the Trial Mode save to go directly back to the beginning of Stage 70. Once you managed to get the successful steal, you can then kill Carrot and quit to the main menu at Stage 71. Afterwards, load the Trail Mode save file to your main game so that you can bring over the Nihopalaoa.