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Starting guide for Waste of Skin character in Bloodborne

Bloodborne™_20150419085344In Bloodborne, you can select an origin for your characters. Doing so will give him or her a set of stats to start out with. One of the potential options is “Waste of Skin,” which is much weaker than the other selections. You can find the starting stats below:

  • Level: 4
  • Blood Echoes: 10
  • Vitality: 10
  • Endurance: 9
  • Strength: 10
  • Skill: 9
  • Bloodtinge: 7
  • Arcane: 9
  • Official Description: You are nothing. Talentless. You shouldn’t have been born.

So why should you start out with Waste of Skin? The origin is meant to provide as much of a blank slate as possible when compared to the other alternatives. Thus, you will end up having slighty more stat customization options when you level up with this build. With that said, starting out with this origin can be very difficult, especially if you are playing Bloodborne for the very first time. If you need help, you can check out our Waste of Skin starting guide below.

1st Floor Sickroom

After creating your character and signing the contract, open the door and head downstairs to encounter a Wolf Beast. While you can kill it with your bare hands, you will waste a lot of time and effort. Instead, simply die and you will appear in the Hunter’s Dream. From there, head for the stair case to interact with the two messengers who will give you a starting trick weapon and fire arm as gifts.

Starting Weapons

You have three choices for your trick weapon: Hunter Axe, Saw Cleaver and Threaded Cane. Out of the three, the Hunter Axe is the slowest but also the most powerful while the Threaded Cane is the quickest but also the weakest. The Saw Cleaver falls in between the other two.Bloodborne™_20150419085655For your firearm, you can pick between the Hunter Pistol or Hunter Blunderbuss. The former is better at long distance while the latter is preferred for crowd control and closer distances.Bloodborne™_20150419085732You really can’t go wrong with your starting weapons in Bloodborne as it really comes down to how you want to defeat enemies. If you don’t like your initial choices, you can simply start the game over and change your weapons.

After you are done selecting your trick weapon and firearm, make sure you equipped them and then explore the rest of Hunter’s Dream to get some background story, gameplay tips as well as learn how to ultimately upgrade your character. Once you are done, interact with the Yharnam Headstone to return to 1st Floor Sickroom.

From there, defeat the Wolf Beast with your new weapons and then follow the path until you reach a device that can be activated. Doing so will bring down a ladder. Climb up to reach a light lamp in Central Yharnam. Activating it will basically set a checkpoint for where you return to when you die. It also doubles as a warping spot to access Hunter’s Dream.

Central Yharnam

While you can actually run through a majority of the enemy encounters in Central Yharnam, it won’t be a good idea until you have a good idea of where to go and the placements of enemies. Instead, we suggest taking it slow and explore every nook and cranny so that you get use to the combat and find helpful items.

Combat Tips

If you are having trouble, especially when playing as Waste of Skin, you can follow a few combat tips below.

One of the things that you should try to learn as soon as possible is your weapons. You will need to known the attack speed and range as every enemy encounter can lead to death if you aren’t careful with your timing and surroundings. While your firearm does weak damage, it is crucial when it comes to crowd control and, when timed right, parrying an enemy (which will temporarily leave them open for a devastating strike afterwards).

One unique mechanic that you should pay attention to is health regain. After you get hit, you will temporary lose health. If you successfully strike your enemy during this time, you can regain a portion of the lost HP, which saves you from having to use a Blood Vial for healing.

You will probably have the most trouble with fighting against multiple enemies at once. In these situations, you should transform your trick weapon (using L1) for wider range attacks. Of course, you can avoid these encounters by separating one enemy out of the group by grabbing their attention by either getting in their view of vision (and avoiding the sights of others) of using a pebble.

Below, you can find a list enemies of that you will most likely encounter in the early parts of the game (and tips on how to beat them efficiently).

Early Enemies

Brick Troll – You will first encounter the giant knocking on the huge locked doors on the other side where the large mob is gathered. You can easily sneak past him although this particular enemy is really easy to defeat once you know what to do. Simply wait for the Brick Troll to attack and then shoot your firearm with R2. If you do it right, the giant will be in a staggered stage, which will allow you to perform a special attack that will most likely instant kill him.

Carrion Crow – These crows aren’t particularly harmful as long as you can spot them before they can attack. They appear in groups so make sure that you don’t accidentally miss one when you are attacking.

Executioner – The toughest single enemy in the early parts of Bloodbrone. His attacks are powerful and he has a lot of range. You can parry him although he is a lot harder to time when compared to the Brick Troll. We suggest avoiding the Executioner (his location is somewhat hidden anyway) until you get to level up and have plenty of healing items.

Wolf Beast – Aside from the initial encounter, the next Wolf Beasts appear at the Great Bridge. Fighting these werewolves are hard as they have quick attacks with a lot of range. Not to mention that you have to deal with two of them at the same time on the bridge. We suggest using a pebble to get the attention of one Wolf Beast so that you can deal with them one at a time. They are weak against Molotov Cocktail.

Hunter Mob – The humanoid enemies are pretty easy to defeat one on one. However, they can be a pain to fight in groups. As with the Wolf Beasts, it is best to separate one from a pack.

Great Bridge Shortcut

Once you managed to get to the Great Bridge and defeat the two Wolf Beasts guarding the first part of the area. Continue until you see a Hunter Mob to the left side. Defeat him you enter the dark building.Bloodborne™_20150419092209Inside you will find four other Hunter Mobs, including one in a wheelchair next to an item, waiting to ambush you. Walk careful and use the R3 targeting to spot them. This is a great spot for farming Quick Silver Bullets as the Wheelchair Mob always drop four.

Once you clear out the building, head downstairs and then open one of the two doors (the other is locked from the other side) to create a shortcut. Head out, defeat another Hunter Mob and climb two flight of stairs. You should end up back at the light lamp.Bloodborne™_20150419092437Since you probably accumulated a bunch of Blood Echoes at this point, we highly suggest heading back to the Hunter’s Dream and talk with the Bath Messenger to buy better equipment in addition to Molotov Cocktails. You can also purchase Blood Vials and Quick Silver Bullets if you are running low although these two are often dropped by enemies.Bloodborne™_20150419091024Bloodborne™_20150419091039Keep in mind that all enemies you killed in the area will respawn. With the shortcut to the Great Bridge, however, you only have to deal with a few Hunter Mobs again to get back to the same area.

Cleric Beast

Head back to the bridge and then continue to the main path until you encounter a Brick Troll with three Carrion Crow. Run past or kill them and continue on until the Cleric Beast appears.

The boss fight is extremely tough, especially if you are playing as Waste of Skin. With that said, he is weak against Molotov Cocktails. Just make sure to throw them when he is stationary as the Cleric Beast moves around a lot. You can also use you gun and aim for his head. After multiple shots, he will be at a weakened state, leaving him open to a damaging special attack. There are some located bullets in the arena if you run out of ammo.

If you run out of both Molotov Cocktails and Quick Silver Bullets, you have to rely on your trick weapons. Get in close and wait for the boss to attack. Dodge it and then get in a few quick strikes before rolling away. Rinse and repeat until he is defeated.

Of course, dying for the first time is not bad either as you will gain 1 Insight just for encountering the Cleric Beast. This will awaken the Abandoned Doll at Hunter’s Dream, who will finally let you level up by using your Blood Echoes. Not to mention that the messenger nearby will also give you Beckoning Bell, an item that gives you the ability to summon the help of other players if you are playing Bloodborne online.Bloodborne™_20150419093047Bloodborne™_20150419093106So, if you are having a hard time with Cleric Beast, you can grind to increase your level, getter better equipment and buy more items (especially Molotov Cocktails). With the option of calling in other players, you should be able to beat the boss eventually.

Now that you can level up, the hardest part of starting out with the Waste of Skin origin is now over as you can grind to build up your stats. If you are playing Bloodborne for the first time, we suggest investing in vitality, endurance, strength and skill. The game should be more manageable from here on out with you getting familiar with the unique mechanics and having all of the upgrade options when it comes to building your character.