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Is the Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack worth buying?

Pokemon Sun and Moon is the latest mainline releases of the popular role-playing game franchise. Amazon will be offering an exclusive Steelbook Dual Pack that contains both versions. So is this Pokemon Sun and Moon bundle worth buying? Before you decided whether or not to buy the dual pack, let’s take a look at some potential factors.


The Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack costs exactly the same as buying both games separately. You can check out the prices with the following links on Amazon: Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack, Pokemon Sun (Standalone) and Pokemon Moon (Standalone).

About Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

First off let’s talk a little bit about the two games. The latest installments of the role-playing series have many of the same core elements from the previous titles as players are still tasked with capturing and training pocket monsters in order to become Pokemon Masters. Sun and Moon feature a slightly different set of monsters, encouraging players to trade if they want to complete their Pokedex.

With that said, the two upcoming games have some major changes when compared to the prequels. One of which is a new region called the Alola Region. The area is made up of five islands, one that is manmade while the four others are formed naturally. The relationships between humans and the Pokemons are said to be closer when compared to the previous installments.pokemon-sun-and-moon-alola-mapThe way the player progresses also appear to be changing as Pokemon Gyms seemed to be no more. Instead, prospective Pokemon Masters must go through what is known as Rite of the Island Challenge, which includes completing tasks in addition to fighting battles.pokemon-sun-and-moon-trial

Eventually, you get to faced what is known as a Totem Pokemon, creatures who are much larger than its own species, going through the rites. These battles are unique in that the these Totem Pokemons can summon allies for aid. After all that, there is the grand trial where you must take on the island’s kahuna. After completing all the challenges, you will be able to move on to the next location.pokemon-sun-and-moon-kahunaAnother neat feature being introduced in Sun and Moon is the Z-Move, a powerful maneuver that can only be used once during battle under specific conditions. By using a Z-Ring, the trainer must hold the same variety of Z-Crystals as the Pokemon in order to use the special move. Nintendo is teaming up with Tomy to release a special Pokemon Z-Ring Set so that you can further immerse yourself with the fights. If you are interested, you can check out the Z-Ring accessory with this link. You can also check out what the kit looks like with the images below this paragraph.

The two upcoming games also adds Hyper Training, giving trainers the ability to improve their pocket monsters levels to beyond 100. To do so, they must collect Bottle Caps and bring the items to a character known as Mr. Hyper.

Last but not least, players can expect some new Pokemon Global Link features. They will be able to host online battles via Friendly Competitions, host group fights with Live Competitions in addition to participating in ranked battles in Live Competitions.

As you can see above, there are more than enough new and unique content that will keep the experience fresh even if you played the previous installments to death. Not to mention that newcomers to the gaming will be in for a treat.

What’s Included in Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack

If you are planning to purchase both versions of the upcoming videogame, we highly recommend getting the Steelbook Dual Pack. In addition to having the physical versions of Sun and Moon, the bundle also comes with a collectible steelbook case.

The outer art of the case features the two Legendary Pokemon in Solgaleo and Lunala (the same pocket monsters that appear in the covers of the regular editions). On the inside, gamers will find a map of the aforementioned Alola Region. The case will hold the instruction manual in addition to both game cartridges. You can check out what the bundle for the latest Pokemon games look like with our media galley located just below this paragraph.


Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are shaping up to be worthy successors to the legendary role-playing series. If you are going to buy the two versions, either both for yourself or to gift one to another, then we suggest picking up the Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack as it comes with a great looking steelbook case that comes at no additional costs when compared to just buying the two games separately.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released for the Nintendo 3DS family of handheld systems on the 18th of November in the North American region. If you are interested, you can preorder the Steelbook Dual Pack with this link.