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How to fix the CE-34452-8 error code for PS4

PS4The CE-34452-8 error code for the Playstation 4 is a result of a downloaded file from the Sony Entertainment Store (or Playstation Store, as it was used to call) being corrupted. The company has revealed three official fixes for the issue on Playstation Support. You can find the procedures below:

 First Fix

The first method is to delete and re-download the corrupted file on the Sony Entertainment Store. In order to erase it, you have move the cursor to the target and then press the “Options” button on the Dual Shock 4. The “Delete” option should appear as one of the potential actions.

Alternatively, you can press up with either the analog stick or directional pad and then scroll horizontally to the “Settings” menu. From there, scroll down until you see “System Storage Management” and then select “Application.” Find the corrupted file and then press the “Options” button to open up the deletion menu.

To re-download the file, head back to the starting screen of the home menu and then scroll horizontally until you see the “Library” application. Here you will find a list of games you have bought on the Playstation Store. Simply select the same file and then click on the download button on the product page to re-download.

Second Fix

If that does not resolve the CE-34452-8 error code on the PS4, then you have to take the second fixing method. You can try switching from a dynamic IP to a static IP. Sony also suggest changing the DNS server. Both of these steps vary depending on the type of router and operating system on your computer.

Third Fix

The third and final method is to re-initialize the PS4. Head back to the aforementioned “Settings” menu and then select “Initialization,” “Initialize PS4” and “Quick.” It is possible that the Playstation Network may simply be too busy at that particular moment. If you are still running into the CE-34452-8 error code, then you can simply wait until the network service is stabilized.