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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD issues that must be fixed in Final Fantasy Type-1

If you haven’t heard already, Square Enix has been heavily hinting at a potential sequel for the newly-available Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The company not only filed a trademark for Final Fantasy Type-1, they also added a teaser cut scene at the end of the high-definition remastered release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Hajime Tabata, the game’s director, also made some comments in the past saying that he would like to continue working on the spin-off series.

While Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has plenty of redeeming factors, it did come up short in a few important areas. Below, you can find our top five issues with the videogame that must be fixed in Final Fantasy Type-1.


Being a JRPG, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD offers very little in terms of exploration. The game has a time limit for certain actions before moving onto the next story mission, which really limits what you can do. Not to mention that the actually missions are very linear as you are basically moving from one combat arena to another.

Type-0 does have a world map to run around and towns to enter. With that said, there are no interesting locations outside of Akademia and a few dungeons. Most of the towns you visit are small and extremely uninteresting.

In Final Fantasy Type-1, Square Enix should get rid of the time limit and add more interesting places to explore. FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD_west-nesher


Despite being a HD remastered game, Final Fantasy Type-0 did not look too great on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It seems like Square Enix only decide to improved the textures of some characters and environments. The other assets stayed the same as the PSP original, which looks even worse when blown up at 1080p. As a result, it can be really jarring going from one scene to another.

Fortunately, it looks like Final Fantasy Type-1 will most likely end up on the two current-gen consoles based on the HD remastered port of the first game, Hajime Tabata’s preference on playing games on a big screen and the fact that Final Fantasy XV is also coming out on the same platforms.

Hopefully, the development team will be able to take full advantage of the new hardware with the next installment of the series.fftype0__screenshot_16_1424097803.02.2015_14

Character Development

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has some interesting lore involving crystals and warring countries. In fact, it was the first Mature-rated game under the Final Fantasy brand due to its violent nature. With that said, it was hard to be engaged due to the lack of character development.

In Class Zero alone, you have more than a dozen playable characters. You then have to deal with the NPCs from the Dominion of Rubrum, Militesi Empire and Kingdom of Concordia. With the main campaign being relatively short, coupled with the large amount of characters, you won’t be able to learn much about a majority of the individuals who are important to the plot. Thus, you will most likely find yourself detached from the story and world of the game.

For the next installment, Square Enix could lengthen the main campaign in addition to adding more focus towards some of the more important characters. FF-Type-0-HD-09

Camera and Lock-on Systems

The action-packed combat system is actually pretty fun in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD , especially when you considered the different amount of play styles each member of Class Zero offers. With that said, gamers will constantly be plagued by the troublesome camera and lock-on systems.

You frequently have to adjust your camera in battle, which makes it really hard in fights with multiple enemies. Not to mention that you have to deal with an overused of motion blur effects that could give you headaches. Locking-on also has a fair share of problems as you may not be able to target the right enemy and, thus, would have to cumbersomely switch to the correct one.

The camera and lock-on issues really hurt the game in the perspectives of critics and fans. If they want the sequel to be better received, Square Enix should focus on fixing these problems with Final Fantasy Type-1.FF-Type-0-HD-15


Due to time constraints, Square Enix decided to remove multiplayer when porting Final Fantasy Type-0 from the PSP to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Instead, the development team used A.I. partners that will jump into your missions, replacing you other party members, if you enable that particular feature. With that said, not being be able to play with friends in the HD remastered release was a disappointment as, aside from healing, your A.I. controlled partners aren’t really that smart in combat.

The addition of multiplayer in Final Fantasy Type-1 should help the sequel in terms of replay value as it is always fun tackling missions with your friends, especially in higher difficulties. Hopefully, the development team will bring the feature back. Final_Fantasy_Type-0_HD_06Hajime Tabata is currently directing Final Fantasy XV (a playable demo, called Episode Duscae, of which was included in the Day One and Collector’s Editions of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD). So it may take some time (as Square Enix is also planning direct sequels to Final Fantasy XV as well) until we see Final Fantasy Type-1. Hopefully, the development responsible for the sequel will address some, if not all of the issues we mentioned above, so that the spin-off series will be able to reach its full potential.