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Contents and features that should be added to Bloodborne via DLC and patch updates

bloodborne-coopBloodborne is one of the most acclaimed releases of 2015 so far. Fortunately, there will be more content updates to come as the development team at From Software has been working on patches along with DLC. Below, you can find a list of features we want added to the PlayStation 4 exclusive game.

More Armor, Equipment, Hunter Tools and Weapons

While Bloodborne may not have as many weapons as the Souls games, each of them are unique enough to provide a distinctive experience when it comes to combat. With that said, more trick weapons are always welcome. While From Software is at it, they should also add more armor, equipment and hunter tools via DLC.

Dedicated Player Versus Player Arenas

One of the most wanted features is the inclusion of dedicated Player Versus Player Arenas. This concept was introduced in Dark Souls 2, so it was kind of perplexing why the development team took a step back. Fortunately, there will be able to rectify this issue by adding PVP Arenas via a new expansion or title update.

Expanded Covenants

Another disappointing aspect of Bloodborne was that it only contain two covenants. These are essentially groups that will make you follow certain rules. At launch, you can only join three covenants: Cainhurst Vilebloods, Executioners and Hunter of Hunters. So it would be nice to see some added in the upcoming Bloodborne DLC or patch update.

More Diverse Chalice Dungeons

While the main areas of the RPG is exquisitely designed, the same can’t be said for the optional Chalice Dungeons. These mazes look alike and have a similar cut-and-paste layout in which you have to find a switch in order to open the boss gate near the beginning of the level. Hopefully, Form Software can add more diversity, in terms of both gameplay and graphics, to Bloodborne in the future.

Beast Transformations

Beast transformations were repeatedly teased prior to the launch of the PS4 exclusive. However, fans were disappointed to learn that the mysterious Beasthood stat did not really affect the game all that much. Of course, the upcoming expansion could add the ability to transform into beast in a similar manner to Father Gascoigne.

Respec Characters

Another element that was introduced in Dark Souls 2 but was absent from Bloodborne is the ability to respec characters. This is especially crucial in the new intellectual property as some of the upgradeable stats (mainly Arcane) aren’t effective until late game. So being able to reallocate your stats, hopefully via a patch update, would be a nice gesture.

Alternate Difficulty Modifiers

Compared to Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne is a bit on the shorter side. From Software can remedy this by adding something similar to the World Tendency mechanic from Demon’s Souls where the enemies can become stronger, and drop more loot, depending on special circumstances. When paired with the New Game Plus features, this should add even more replay value.

New Areas

As we stated above, the level design for the main areas of Bloodborne is nothing short of excellent. Thus, we would like to see more via DLC. The new areas should be similar to how The Painted World and Cainhurst Castle were created as both were basically sectioned off from the other areas of the main game.

New Plot Points

While Bloodborne does not focus heavily on the story, it still has plenty of lore. So there should be more than enough room to delve deeper to some of the world of Yharnam. Hopefully, we will be able to learn more about some of the non-playable characters and bosses.

New Enemies and Bosses

Last but not least, the upcoming Bloodborne DLC should also feature new enemies and bosses to fight. The main game already features designs that not only look creepy, but are also fun to fight. So encountering more of these adversaries in the expansion will be great.

It is unknown when the next patch and the first DLC expansion will be made available for Bloodborne. Hopefully, Sony will provide more details at the upcoming E3 2015.