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Best way to earn blood echoes quickly in Bloodborne during late game

From Software recently released the 1.03 patch for Bloodborne, which eliminated one of the exploits that allows for players to earn blood echoes quickly. Fortunately, there is a more traditionally way to grind for more of the experience/currency points during the late game portion of the action-RPG. You can find out how with our guide below.

To take advantage of being able to earn blood echoes quickly in Bloodborne, you must first play your through the game until you reach the Mergo’s Loft: Middle lamppost in Nightmare of Mensis, which is the last required area in the game before you can trigger the ending.

In the area following the Mergo’s Loft: Middle lamppost, you will encounter two crows with dog heads, a dog with a crow head, three multi-eyed pigs in addition to seven humanoid enemies who resemble the Shadow of Yharnam bosses. While this section may be tough, you can earn a lot of blood echoes if you know what to do.

After spawning from the lamppost, head out and then up the stairs. The two crows with dog heads and a dog with a crow head are located to your right but you can easily avoid them if you want.Bloodborne™_20150425140601In the next section, you will encounter two of the Shadow enemies slowing walking to a third one, who will be attacking you with fire if you get too close. You can either fight of quickly run to the next area. If you do fight, make sure to engage one or two of the Shadows before they get near the third one to give you better odds of survival.Bloodborne™_20150425140623The next section is relatively easy as you will see a multi-eyed pig with his back turn to you. Use this to your advantage to take him out as soon as possible (you can use a charged strong attack and then quickly perform a powerful stab attack during the staggered state).Bloodborne™_20150425140733After that, you will run into two more pigs heading your way. In this scenario, you can quickly run in between the two and ahead towards the four Shadows who are walking your way (make sure to dodge if you see any incoming attacks, especially when the pigs charges at you). Doing so will trigger the pigs and shadows to fight it out while you reap the rewards of blood echoes (sometimes one or two of the pigs won’t chase after you, so you may have to run around and dodge a little bit until you can get the two opposing forces close enough to trigger the fight). You can then defeat any of the remaining enemies from the scuffle to gain even more echoes.Bloodborne™_20150425140758Bloodborne™_20150425140916After a couple of runs, you should be able to earn plenty of blood echoes efficiently and quickly. Not to mention that the pigs and shadows often drop Blood Vials as well. You can check out the amount of blood echoes you can earned, with all three Moon Runes equipped, from each enemy type from this area below:

  • Crows with Dog Heads – 1,425 blood echoes each
  • Dog with Crow Heads – 1,945 blood echoes
  • Shadows – between 39,921 and 4,276 blood echoes each
  • Multi-eyed Pigs – 16,216 blood echoes each

As you can see, you can get a lot even if you only target the pigs. In total, you can earn 82,665 blood echoes by clearing out all of the enemies in this short portion of Nightmare of Mensis.

To cut the time required for this method even more, you can jump off the elevator shaft (the shortcut one leading back to the Mergo’s Loft: Middle lamppost is the safest one if you don’t want risk having an enemy pick up your blood echoes), so that you can respawn the enemies without having to go back to Hunter’s Dream.

Bloodborne Moon Runes Location

If you don’t have any, or all three of the moon runes (which increase the amount of blood echo earned by a percentage and are stackable), you can find them in the following locations below.

Moon Rune #1: You most likely found this on your way to Nightmare of Mensis. The first Moon Rune, which boosts your blood echoes earned by 10 percent, is located in the same area as the Hypogean Gaol lamppost where you encounter the two Snatchers in Hypogean Gaol and the three Hunters in Yahar’gul, Unseen Village.Bloodborne™_20150425133728Moon Rune #2: The second rune, which will increase the amount of blood echoes by 20 percent, is found in the Micolash boss area. From the Mergo’s Loft: Middle lamppost, back track down the foggy stairs until you reach the spiraling staircase with the mannequins. Keep heading down the stairs, past the first floor of the area, until you reach the bottom of the stairs and encounter another mannequin and a nanny with a chain on one hand and cleaver on the other. Defeat those two and search the nearby body to the get the second Moon Rune.Bloodborne™_20150425134310Moon Rune #3: The third rune is the most powerful (increasing blood echoes accumulation to 30 percent) but also the hardest to find. To get to it, you must first have the Make Contact gesture, which can be acquired from Upper Cathedral Ward, an optional area that can be accessed from the Catherdal Ward if you have the Upper Cathedral Key (an item found in the cage room close to the Yahar’gul Chapel lamppost).

Once you got the gesture, return to the Mergo’s Loft: Middle lamppost and then head up the stairs until you see a bird cage elevator. While you take it down, you will notice a doorway that you can get to in the middle of the ride. If you timed it correctly, you should be able to safely land on the secret area. From there, follow the path until you reach a switch. This can be tough with the three Brain Trust enemies (we suggest running away from them and heal with a sedative anytime you see the Frenzy meter built up).Bloodborne™_20150425134928If you managed to get through, activate the switch once you reach it to send the big brain monster crashing down to an unknown area. From there, drop down to the nearby hole and the backtrack all the way into the area where you first encountered the mannequins and nannies (you may also want to pick up the Blood Stone item, which is required to upgrade you weapon to the maximum level, where the big brain enemy was previously located).

You will find another bid cage elevator that will take you down to a dark room. Run around until you locate the big brain enemy, who is harmless. Instead of killing him, stand close to him and then use the Make Contact gesture (you can bring up the gesture menu by clicking on the left portion of the DualShock 4 controller) for around half a minute until you get the third Moon Rune. You can then kill it to get the Living String item.Bloodborne™_20150425135337With all three Moon Stones equipped, you will be earning more than enough blood echoes in no time to reach level 100 and beyond in Bloodborne.