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The best Amiibo figures in terms of potential uses

amiibo_img03_E3Nintendo is launching 12 Amiibo figures later this year with Donkey Kong, Fox, Kirby, Link, Mario, Marth, Peach, Pikachu, Samus, Villager, Wii Fit Girl and Yoshi. While you can collect them all, the costs to do so can get quite expensive, especially if the figurines become quite rare. Find the current prices for the first Amiibo set right now on Amazon. So, it may be smarter to prioritize some over the others. Below is a list containing our rankings of the best Amiibos in terms of potential uses.

12. Wii Fit Girl

Wii Fit Girl will most likely have a hard time getting any use. Nintendo already released Wii Fit U, which did not sell well and isn’t appealing to hardcore gamers. So another Wii Fit game does not seem likely. Conversely, Nintendo is planning some Quality of Life products even though it is unclear if the items will make use of the Wii Fit Girl or any gaming devices at all.

11. Samus

Samus is a lot more appealing than Wii Fit Girl. However, Nintendo has been ignoring the popular heroine over the past few years. There have been some hints, including a Samus pin worn by Reggie Fils-Aime during VGX, that teased a potential Metorid game is in the works. With that said, Samus is not known for being in crossover games with the exception of Super Smash Bros. So her use could be very limited even if a new Metroid is released.

10. Marth

Marth is possibly the least recognizable name on the list, which could hurt his chances in terms of being used as an Amiibo. Nintendo previously announced a crossover videogame between Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei. While the project was recently confirmed to be in development, not much information have been made available. So fans may have to wait for some time to use Marth aside from Super Smash Bros for Wii U. On the other hand, the 3DS game, Fire Emblem Awakening, could also be patched to support his Amiibo.

9. Fox

Fox is another character not known to participate in other crossover expenditures by Nintendo aside from Super Smash Bros. Therefore, his potential uses could end up being very limited compared to the other Amiibos on the list. Fortunately, Nintendo did confirm that a new Star Fox game is coming to the Wii U in 2015.

8. Kirby

Nintendo seems invested into Kirby with Kirby: Triple Deluxe releasing earlier this year on the 3DS in addition to Kirby and the Rainbow Curse launching on the WIi U next year. If they want to, Nintendo could patch Kirby: Triple Deluxe to work with Amiibo on the New 3DS handheld. Otherwise, the options may be limited unless more games are announced.

7. Villager

Animal Crossing has not been announced for Wii U but it should be a given since Nintendo has a history of releasing one game of the franchise per system since the Nintendo 64. The Villager is also coming out as DLC for Mario Kart 8 while the 3DS entry, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, could get a patch to add Amiibo support as well.

6. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is somewhat of an interesting Amiibo. A lot of the videogames the ape has appeared in came out over the past two years with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the 3DS port of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Mario Kart 8. Support for the figurine could still be added to all three. Furthermore, Mario vs. Donkey Kong for Wii U is also in development.

5. Pikachu

Pokemon is probably the biggest franchise for Nintendo currently. Surprisingly, Nintendo has not announced which games will be supporting the Pikachu Amiibo. The potential uses are certainly there, however, especially with the New 3DS system. At least two Pokemon games are released every year. So, based on current trends, there should be plenty of opportunity to use the figurines in the not so distant future.

4. Peach

Peach may not have her own game coming out anytime soon but she is making a lot of cameos. Her figurine should be supported in Mario Kart 8 as well as Mario Party 10. Presumably, her Amiibo may find some use in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker since it is set in the same universe as Super Mario 3D World. Lastly, she could also appear in Mario Maker too.

3. Yoshi

Mario’s trusty friend dinosaur friend has accompanied the plumber in numerous games like New Super Mario Bros U, Mario Kart 8 and the upcoming Mario Party 10. He also became a bit popular as he starred in New Yoshi’s Island for the 3DS and will be in the upcoming Wii U game, Yoshi’s Woolly World. Therefore, there should be plenty of opportunities to use the Yoshi Amiibo in the future.

2. Link

We already know that Hyrule Warriors is coming out soon. Although the hack-and-slasher has no current use of Amiibos, Nintendo could easily patch in support. Not to mention that Link is also appearing as DLC in Mario Kart 8. A new The Legend of Zelda videogame was announced for the Wii U at E3 2014 while a remake for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is rumored as well. With Link being an industry icon, you can expect his figurine to be used a lot.

1. Mario

Being the official mascot and all, it should be no surprise if the Mario Amiibo ended up getting the most use. He is a part of three games that were officially confirmed to be supporting the figurines: Mario Kart 8 plus the upcoming Mario Party 10 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Nintendo may also be planning something for the upcoming Mario Maker, Mario Party 10 and Mario vs. Donkey Kong for Wii U. With plenty of older games that could be patched in as well, the Mario Amiibo should be getting the most usage compared in the group.